Wednesday, January 18, 2023

It's Always Something...

 On Monday, our handyman came over to install a new ceiling fan, 4 smoke detectors, a new shower head and a grab bar. While he was here, my granddaughter noticed that there was water standing in the shower floor and neither toilet would flush well. So, he took the cap off the sewer line in the yard and discovered that the cable company had cut the line when they installed theirs (4-5 years ago), and tree roots had grown into the sewer, impeding the flow of refuse. UGH! It's always something.....but how lucky were we that he was here at the time??? We have to call the city organization responsible for the sewer lines to come and mark the lines on the grass, so that the old lines7 can be dug up and replaced. Naturally this happens in winter when the ground is hard. It figures. 

The new shower head has a large spray opening and the wand attached to the wall pipe by magnet! It works great. No more fumbling to get the sprayer back into its "home". 

The grab bar makes it unnecessary to use the handicap toilet lift seat (YAY), so now, the lid goes down when I want it to.  

We hope the new smoke detectors are not as sensitive as the former ones, which managed to alarm loudly at least once a week when I used a skillet, even when there was no detectable smoke. 

I hope your week is better.


Jeff said...

Glad you're able to get all things fixed at once--when sewer lines are clogged, it's always a messed.

Granny Annie said...

Good thing your granddaughter noticed the problem and that help was already there.