Friday, December 30, 2022

I, for one, am glad to see 2022 on its way out.

 Who's with me? 

Actually, since 2019, my life has changed exponentially, and I am ready for some solitude and serenity. And travel!  I would love to be able to travel, but with our situation here, it is nearly impossible. We went to our daughter's house for 3 days over Christmas, and while we had a very nice time - we had to pack up what seemed like the whole house, in order to go. 

We took Jim''s hospital bed, his Hoyer lift, his wheelchair (of course) and multitudes of meds and supplies for his needs. It's nearly impossible, or so it seems. Insurmountable is the word I was looking for. 

Our other daughter wants us to go on a cruise....and we found out that the cruise ship has handicapped rooms/bathrooms, and a suite that would hold 10-12 of us, and be accessible for Jim. I don't know; I'd love it, but if Jim didn't, our week would be miserable. 

Here's hoping that 2023 brings better health for all of us,  the ability to go and do the things we like, the continued love of our families and enough money to bring it all about. 

Happy New Year!!

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Celia said...

Good riddance to 2022. I hope your cruise idea works out. My sister's husband became bedridden this year still he can get around a little and I was so excited to share your idea with her. Here's to a brand new start. Hugs.