Monday, June 14, 2021

It's Been a While.....

since I posted. There hasn't been anything of interest to talk about, except we went to Myrtle Beach for 3 days, with our baby and 2 grandkids.  It was so nice to be at Marriott Grand Dunes is our favorite place at the beach. But I did have one complaint. When you ask for a handicapped room, you expect that it will accommodate a wheelchair, and that you can turn one around without having to do a 3-point turn every single time. It was a nice room, but too narrow for the wheelchair and a person pushing it.  

Perhaps the powers that be need to know what things are needed in a handicapped room.  I will tell them:

Make the aisle at the foot of the beds large enough to push a wheelchair through, and turn it around, when necessary.

Make the opening to the shower larger. This one didn't have a door, but an opening in the tile wall. It was only 24" wide and the wheelchair would not fit through the opening. 

Have enough floor space for a roll-away bed, when needed and see that a person can also walk between the roll-away and the regular bed in the room. 

Also helpful would be one bed that allows a Hoyer lift to slide under it.  Our beds were on platforms and we could not get the Hoyer in place.

All of these things made for  a harrowing bedtime for Mr. K, as well as great frustration for all of us. And another thing:  why do all handicapped rooms have to be the furtherest away from the elevators?? If there was a fire, we'd have a problem getting him out quickly!!

Now that Covid is on the wane, our clubhouse has re-opened and our activities can resume.  Scrabble games on Tuesday, movies on Saturday, documentaries every month, socials and group meetings are coming back wholeheartedly!  I am so happy for that!  Have you started socializing yet?

We went to lunch with friends a few days ago. It isn't easy for us, as we have to get a public transportation service that is wheelchair accessible to pick us up so Jim can go.  It would be great if we could buy a wheelchair van.....but they cost a fortune and so far, we have not been able to locate a used one. My van is too old to make-over as wheelchair accessible, plus we have 140K miles on it - so it would not be cost effective.  

Maybe I'll win the lottery?!  Then I could buy one with all the bells and whistles! But since I turned 80, my baby think I shouldn't be driving at all.  I can't win!!  LOL

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Bits and Pieces....

I have been using Instacart for grocery deliveries for about 2 years now, since Jim went into the hospital the first time. I have enjoyed getting food delivered; not having to shop and carry stuff from the car to the kitchen is a blessing. I do wish I had someone to put it all away (and then cook it when I want it) but that's a problem for another year.

 Most of the time. I don't have any problems with the deliveries....but now and then the person who shops for them either doesn't get something, or makes a substitution that I didn't authorize. I report it and they are always nice enough about it, either replacing or giving me a refund. However, last week I had an experience that made me so mad and frustrated, I vowed to never use the service again. I ordered a fair amount of the usual stuff: eggs, butter, bread, ground beef, chicken, canned goods and bakery items. They told me the cost would be around $175. When the food came, my son was here and he carried it into the kitchen for me - a real boon. However, when I got it out of the bags, I realized that a lot of stuff was missing....and so was the receipt. They always send one on-line, so I didn't worry about it, but the more I thought about what was missing, I got madder and madder. You can't tell me that Publix was out of eggs and butter, ground beef and other common foods, such as pancakes, Eggos, Palmetto cheese and the like. If he had shorted me something really odd or uncommon, I would have understood it, but eggs? and butter? I have never been to a grocery that was out of those unless we were expecting a bad snowstorm or a hurricane.

He made a substitution for the butter pretzels I ordered - giving me cheese-covered pretzels. I didn't think I'd like them, but they are rather addictive, so that was the one good thing that came out of it. 

One of my friends from high school died this past week. I am so sad about it, as I had hoped to see her and her husband again at a future reunion. We were friends on Facebook, but about 2 years ago, after she was diagnosed with some "acronym" illness, she quit posting and only left sporadic comments. I really missed having that connection.  Sharon was a beautiful girl in high school, and she only grew lovelier and more elegant as the years passed.  Her obituary was long and revealing of the wonderful woman she became, and she was obviously loved by all who knew her. Sharon, you will  be missed and I hope to see you again in the hereafter.

I hope you are having a Happy Easter....we are having a laid-back one.....and our grandson is going to cook dinner. He's a very good cook, so we always look forward to his meals.  Not sure what it will be, this time. 

I went to UNC Urgent Care this week - nothing too serious - and this morning, the P.A. I saw called me to see how I was doing. I really couldn't believe she called me on Easter Sunday...I was impressed.  By the way, I am better. I'll check in again before too long; hope you all are doing well and getting through the pandemic with no troubles.  

Monday, March 29, 2021

Another High-School Classmate Gone....

We lost another classmate this week. Sharon was a beautiful girl and a still beautiful, elegant and graceful woman. I admired her so much while we were in school, although I didn't know her well at the time. We came to know each other more and more as we met at our reunions, and after we became friends on Facebook, I felt I knew her much better - and the admiration increased. A few years ago, she announced that she had been diagnosed with Parkinsons. Soon afterward, she stopped posting on FB. Terrible news, that. I never lost hope that she would be one to overcome the progression of the disease, and I maintained hope that we would met again sometime - perhaps a another reunion. Alas, it is not to be, as she passed away a few days ago. Rest in Peace, were well loved.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Seventeenth Anniversary

Who ever expected my blog to run for so long? Surely not me. In the first few weeks, I was determined to write, but I had little of an idea of what to write about. I have deleted some of the first posts because they were so inane. Perhaps I ought to do that to many of them? If I listened to my children, I would. HAHA. Of course, I don't post with the frequency I used to in the beginning. Facebook has spoiled us all; we get used to writing short blasts and undertaking a long post feels like working too hard. But I do still have readers, and I feel guilty if I go too long without posting. I wish some of thowse readers would leave comments. I know they have been there, as the stats show me....but it would be nice to know what you think or if you have a similar experience. I enjoy seeing the monthly stats that show what my favorite post has been....and invariably, there are two that show up: are my two most popular. Some of you may not have read them when they were posted. Perhaps you can read them now? Feel free to comment, espcially if this rings a bell with you!

Sunday, January 10, 2021

A quote from Mr. Rogers....

"The thing I remember best about successful people I've met all through the years is their obvious delight in what they're doing and it seems to have very little to do with worldly success. They just love what they're doing, and they love it in front of others." I wanted to put space between the quote and my post, but it won't let me! I was very fortunate to find something to do in life that made me very happy, as well as putting food on the table, so to speak. For the whole time I was a florist, I was never happier than when I was surrounded by fresh flowers, whether in my garage, or working for a shop. There is nothing like the smell of a flower shop, and once experienced, you develop a longing for that aroma. I have not worked much at all since I had open-heary surgery in 2014, except for helping Mel Day, when we decorated the N.C. Governors' Mansion for Christmas in 2018-19. Altogether, I did that for 6 different governors. It is the very best place to work and I cannot tell you how much I miss it, but at age is not possible any longer. More's the pity. As Mr. Rogers said, I had "obvious delight in doing what I love and I loved it in front of others": first the events at NCMA for 12 years, and weddings galore (for 28 years) and lastly, the Governors Mansion work. From time to time, I post a photo from my FB memories of previous work, more for my enjoyment than yours. It helps me recall specific events and memories of the wonderful people who worked with me over the years. I was always fortunate to have good friends in the business who would help me when they were not busy with their own events, and most of my clients were a joy to interact with. Even more fortunate was having so many people who asked me to help with their weddings or those of their children. For a few people, I did multiple weddings, and while I always hated to hear that one of "my" brides was getting divorced, I relished the ability to do a second or third wedding! I had few points of contention over the years....but not many ever had a problem with my work or my charges. The few who were were quickily dispatched with easy explanations. Most people were understanding - since weather related delays and changes cannot be helped. I had a wedding a few days after a huge hurricane tore through this area, and after large snowstorms deposited many inches of snow or ice. It as always difficult, but thanks to the help of friends, I "came through" for my clients. God, how I miss it. Even the stressful times, because after being able to provide what a client expects and making them happy, I got a huge boost of serotonin!! Maybe that is what I Were you able to do what you loved?

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Christmas 2020.....

will not go down in our memories as one of the best. On the contrary.... We celebrate with family on Christmas Eve, and it rained all day - preventing us from congregating in the garage and on the driveway, as we have done for every holiday and birthday since Covid came on the scene. Our son and his girls arrived at lunch time, bearing Bojangles' biscuits for all. We wanted to eat lightly, to save room for the feast that our grandson Jamie was cooking: Prime rib and all the fixings! Friends arrived with gifts of food: home-made biscotti, banana bread, chocolate chess pie, Ghirardelli chocolates and Person County fresh sausage - which we always enjoy! The whole famiy, plus assorted girl and boyfriends were going to come over for dinner, but the rain put an end to that. So our daughter brought us each a plate of prime rib, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and cheesecake for Jim. We enjoyed it all of course, but we were sad that we could not have our usual group. Since I have fallen twice in the last 4-5 daughter gave me an iWatch for my birthday (Oct.) and Christmas. If I fall, the watch detects it and if I don't respond to their message, the watch calls EMS for me. I must admit I do feel safer now, wearing it. When I broke my wrist, it was nearly impossible to get up off the floor, but I finally made it. At least now, I know I'll not lie there, unable to move. Jim and I quit gifting each other quite a few years ago. Now and then, I'll buy a book for him. but sice he became wheel-chair bound, his eyes have worsened and he has been unable to make it to his eye-doctor. He can't read much in one sitting. I read to him sometimes, but I start yawning, making it difficult to continue. He goes in for a Pacemaker on Wednesday and we are putting a lot of faith in what it will do for him. Wish us luck and I'll keep you posted about the outcome.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Long Time No See

Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with my 80th birthday, and Christmas is upon us. I hope all of you are staying home, wearing masks and washing your hands often! Staying covid-free should be our motto. We are both okay, I am trying hard to get over breaking my wrist, but it isn't easy. I re-injured it a few days ago when I got into a wheel-chair - accessible van with Jim, who had a doctor's appointment. I placed my hand on the seat to steady myself as I got up into the van, and inadvertantly bent it back too far. Darn, that hurt. That van is higher off the road than most vans, and I had to push harder to get up into it. I wish they had a handle somewhere to hang onto, but they don't. Jim had pneumonia and the first time he went to the ER, they said it was viral. They put him on antibiotics to stave off any secndary infections.....he got better for 2 days and then he back-slid into more coughing. That's when I knew his pneumonia was not viral. He went back to the ER, and this time they said it IS bacterial. They admitted him and gave him IV antibiotics for 2 days and he was much better. He is home now....coughing less....but he has absolutely NO energy. He willl get a Pacemaker on December 30th, if all is well by then. WE hope that will increase his energy by a lot. It will certainly make my life much easier. I'll try to post more often, but it is hard to type with a brace on.