Monday, October 15, 2018

I'm So Frustrated I Could Scream!

I went to my internist today, and she ordered some tests. So, on the way home, I got a notification that I had test results in Mychart. I tried to sign in on my phone, but I got an error message telling me to log out and sign in again.  Every single time I clicked on "log-out", I kept getting the same message. Over and over. 

Once I was home, I tried to sign in on my laptop. I get the same message, so I called the office and reported the problem. They gave me a number to call for customer service. 

After 45 minutes on the phone - during which I was advised to delete all the cookies on my laptop - I finally was allowed in to my Mychart account. 

THEN the trouble started. I forgot that deleting all cookies meant I couldn't get into my email. It took me another 20 minutes to convince Gmail that I had an account and access it.

Who knows what other computing joys I might encounter in the near future???

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Life Goes On (busily) Addendum

The Saturday movie at our clubhouse was "Marshall", about the life of Thurgood Marshall. I highly recommend it. It is available on Hulu.

Monday, I went to the bi-monthly luncheon group for the women of the street I live on and the one we T-bone into. We went to Seasons 52, at Crabtree Valley Nearly all of us had a luncheon staple - 1/2 a sandwich or flatbread and soup or salad. I chose lobster bisque; which was good, but the one served at Rey's in Cary is better. The pear and spinach salad was also good, but drowning in dressing, which I don't care for. Another woman there said her salad was too dry - so maybe they gave me her dressing too. 

Monday night I attended a performance by Willa Brigham, a local storyteller. Willa has won 2 Emmys for her work, and it was evident why. She speaks, rhymes, sings, involves the audience, and shares her recipes for success. Often, her stories revolve around food, as one titled "Blackeyed Peas". It also mentioned cornbread - two of my favorite things to eat!! She began by writing stories for her children, which she shared with them, her family and ultimately her students (she was also a teacher.) If you have an opportunity to see/hear Willa, I suggest you take it.

Tuesday afternoon, I played my usual (beloved) Scrabble with residents of my neighborhood; and we learned that Scrabble has published the sixth edition of their dictionary. Several of us wanted one, so I ordered 4 copies.  I'm sure they will be put to good use!  

Tuesday night, I went to see a local success story sing her heart out, along with her husband and brother, and a great piano player, Jesse Kapsha.   Lauren Kennedy Brady, a Raleigh native, is the director of Theater Raleigh. Visit and . The put on a great show. Unfortunately, although her daughter was also scheduled to appear, she was ill and didn't come. Charlie Brady has a fabulous voice and I, for one, would have loved it had he had more of a part  in the program!!

Today, Wednesday, I am happy to say there is nothing on my calendar!!  I would be hard-pressed to keep up the previous schedule on a daily basis, given my age. But I am grateful to be able to see these programs and be with friends!

Addendum:  Friday night was the Veteran's Club SNL comedy show; a male beauty contest, which was amusing in places. Put on by  residents in my neighborhood - one has to commend them for appearing in public in the skits. They served icecream and cookies at half-time.

Saturday I went to a church to have lobster rolls. They were very good; rolls and lobster and cole slaw packaged be assembled by the purchaser.  No drinks were provided, except water. 

The afternoon movie at the club was "Mark Felt", better known as deep throat during the Watergate Era. I enjoyed it very much......well acted by Liam Neeson.  

Today, a friend and I are going to the theater to see "A Star is Born", and I am looking forward to it. I've read several pieces that said it is really good and academy award material. I love Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper too!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Pet Peeves

I belong to several groups for florists on Facebook.  Almost every day I see posts referring to "florist", and the person is referring to more than one. For Heaven's sake people - it is florists. Is it so hard to remember to add the final "S"??? Singular is florist.....plural is florists!!

I see "rode" used for road.  Just this week I have seen:

tail for tale

wholly for holy

quite for quiet

loose for lose

bare for bear

I suggest you consult a dictionary when you are writing a post and are not sure about the proper spelling of a word. Even spell check can't catch some of these errors.

Don't get me started on the use of "to" or "two" when you mean "too." I don't mean to be a snob about it, but jeez.....It's almost too much for this English major to bear.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

WHY????? or maybe Why not???

I had to go to a satellite branch hospital today, to have blood drawn, per my cardiologist. While there, I got a message on MyChart (the hospital system's  on-line communications) that I owe $3.27. I immediately thought - WOW - how convenient that I am in the hospital now. I went to the front desk and asked if I could make the payment there, in cash, and the guy said "I'll see."  

A few minutes later, he told me he couldn't accept my payment there. I will never understand why! It is a satellite hospital of the same system as the larger hospital, and I should have been able to make a payment there. 

Does that make any sense to you!?

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Busy, busy month....

Scrabble, haircuts, lunch with a friend, hot dog dinner with a friend, movie, documentary, jazz/blues performance,  brunch with my old neighborhood friends, blood work, lunch with friends, yard sale, movie, flu shots, book club, echocardiogram, new neighborhood luncheon, scrabble, Lauren Kennedy performance, and the new neighbor movie with Mr. Rogers......just a few of the entries in September for me!

I have scrabble every Tuesday and a movie every Saturday....and I need to find time to schedule a pedicure for Jim and me.  Is it any wonder I don't have time to blog?  

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Steroid spinal Injection

One year ago today, I had a steroid injection in my spine, to numb the pain of three bulging discs. The doc said it may work, it may not or it may work for 3 months - or more. Each person responds differently. I had high hopes it would cure me of the excruciating pain I had had for 3 months or more in my shoulder, arm, elbow and hand. But I also knew it may not be successful. 

I post this today to pronounce my gratitude for Dr. Gloria Liu, M.D.,  of Duke University, as the shot was an instant success and it is still working to this day!  I hope if you are in need of such a cure, you will consider it and I hope it will work for you, too!! Thank God, it did for me. 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

One of my dearest friends died on Friday. I met Nancy in 1983, while volunteering at the NC Museum of Art. We became fast friends, even though she was 15 years older than I. I have seldom known a woman as dignified and elegant as Nancy. No profanities ever escaped her lips, and she was not one to speak ill of others. She was a good role model for anyone - especially me.
After our time as volunteers at NC Museum of Art,
we began getting together for lunch near our birthdays and at least one other time a year. In the early days, that included some shopping, but as Nancy aged, she was less and less interested in or capable of shopping.
Sometime in the 80's, Nancy married (having been an earlier widow) and I was privileged to do the flowers for the wedding. A few years later, I was asked to do funeral flowers for her husband; then wedding flower for her daughters. She was always so complimentary of my flowers....and I was happy to be able to do them for her.
I saw Nancy move from home to home, from her condo to Springmoor (a retirement home) and on to their assisted living section. I remember how inconsolable she was when her children took her car away (they made a good decision!)
I went in June to the hospital part of Springmoor to see her, after she'd had an aneurysm, last spring. It kept us from having her birthday lunch last May. I noticed how frail she was becoming, but I hoped she'd rally from it and be good as new.
I spoke to her on the phone in July, and I intended to try and see her then, but it was not to be. Rest in Peace, dearest Nancy. We will meet again some day, and meanwhile, I know you are enjoying those who had gone on before you. I loved you.