Friday, June 24, 2022

Vacation photos...


 This is the It is huge, and spreads out over a large plot of land.   Apparently, I have forgotten ho to make an active link. 

t would be worth your while to type in that link above and read about it.  It is a 400 year old tree.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Vacation (more to come)

  •  In May, we went to the Isle of Palms, just over the bridge from Charleston, SC (actually Mt. Pleasant), where our oldest grandson and his fiancee live.  

Our daughters rented a beautiful condo on the beach, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, large kitchen and living room and the best part? A beach front balcony with a perfect view. When we opened the sliding glass doors from the den to the balcony, it was just like being outside. 

Jim and I and our older daughter stayed all week, and the other kids and 5 grand kids came and stayed 2-3 days. It was great to see most of them (we missed you, Jules)  and we enjoyed sightseeing in Charleston and eating out. I only went onto the beach once. The access required a longish walk through deep, loose sand and I can no longer negotiate it that easily. Had my very strong granddaughter not held me up, I would have face-planted on boiling hot sand more than once. 

We had several meals at the condo. We are blessed with at least 4 grand kids who love to cook. One night we had grilled shrimp and beef kabobs, with onions and veggies. They were grilled and delicious. Another night, Jessica made an Italian pasta dish (penne) with a home made sauce that smelled so good I didn't think I could wait until it was ready to eat.  The other meal was grilled die for.

We saw the usual sights that tourists go too, and we ate fresh pralines that were soooo good (but so expensive) that although I wanted to go back and get more, I decided the price was too dear.

We enjoyed walking through the Battery area; full of beautiful old homes and lots of pretty flowers. I say walk, but because Jim decided to stay in the condo that day. I got pushed in the wheel-chair.  It was fun until we hit the cobblestone streets. I had to get out and walk

One interesting thing we saw was the Angel Oak, a 400 year old live oak tree. It is a leviathan among trees and spreads out, covering a very large area. I hope my photos will give you an idea of just how big a tree it is. 

I took about 40 photos and I will post 4-5 at a time.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

I Went to a Funeral Today...

 Another of my former neighbors has passed away, just 5 days after turning 82. She was a wonderful, intelligent woman, and she will be missed by many. 

The funeral Mass was held at St. Raphael the Archangel. I didn't stay for the Mass, but I spoke to another neighbor, her daughter and the priest, who I didn't know at the time was a Monsignor. He asked what I remembered of the deceased (also named Judy). I said she was friendly, kind and gracious, also intelligent and loyal, and pretty,  among other things. The Monsignor asked if I wanted to give the eulogy!  I passed on that

I did flowers for both of her daughters weddings, and it was a lovely experience working with them. I went to many meetings and parties in Judy's home - always beautifully decorated and warmly welcoming to all. 

Her husband passed away a long time ago, so I don't know if her children will sell her home or not. They all live far away - two of them in Europe and one on the West Coast, so I can't imagine they would want to keep it, especially not in today's booming real estate market.  

I teared up today, thinking about how many of our former neighbors have passed away since we moved there in 1982. I've mentioned before what a great neighborhood it was for all those years. We met some great, interesting people of all types, professions, religions and ethnic groups. I consider us very lucky to have bought a home there and stayed for so long.....31 years.....and I consider us extremely lucky to have met and enjoyed the company of so many nice people  (some of whom we are still in contact with).  

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Happy Easter - only 4 days late

 I do hope that all of you had a Happy Easter. We had dinner with family outside; the weather was great. Both daughters, two (out of six) grandkids, and one new boyfriend (from Turkey). 

Our grandson cooked prime rib and yorkshire pudding, one daughter made scalloped potatoes, I made deviled eggs, one granddaughter made Brussels sprouts, and one daughter made a red velvet cake.  

Jim refused to come outside with us....he had been very bothered by excessive pollen last week, and he didn't want to start sneezing and coughing again. So we took turns going into the house and visiting with him and making sure he was well fed.  

I'm I'll say goodnight.


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I Think I May Have a Ghost!

It may be that we have a ghost.  I have motion sensor  lights in several areas of the house. The one that concerns me is the one in my bathroom. It's helpful when I have to get up in the middle of the night. It comes on automatically and goes off after 5 minutes. 

Lately, I have awakened at odd hours of the night and the light is on. At first I blamed it on the cat. I know she sometimes gets up on my bathroom counter at night, because I see little bits of cat litter in the sinks. It sticks in her paws and drops out when she jumps up. However, the last few times the light has come on, I  have noted that the cat is fast asleep beside me.  Since we are the only two beings in the house that can move about is scary.  What do you think could be the cause?  

Saturday, February 19, 2022

It's always something...

 My back spasms, which started last year, have returned with a vengeance. I went to an orthopedic urgent care and after x-raying my back, they gave me a cortisone shot, as well as a script for a muscle relaxer.  The doc said it would make me very sleepy, and not to take it until bed time. I liked the sound of that, since I had not slept well for at least two nights. 

Come bedtime, usually between 11 and 12m, I took the muscle relaxer and got into bed.  At 3:00 am, I was still wide awake and very uncomfortable.  It made me mad! Every time I tried to move, the muscle at my waistline on the right, seized up. It felt like a steel claw was grabbing onto the muscle and pulling hard. :-(   The next morning, I took a pain reliever and my daughter applied Voltaren to the affected area. If you have not tried Voltaren, I recommend it - just follow directions.  

Since the muscle relaxer he gave me didn't work, I took one from an old script from last year. Even though the pills expired over 6 months ago - they still work - and I have taken one every night for 3 nights. Luckily, I have slept fairly well for those 3 nights. 

My back seems to be responding to the cortisone shot, and I can move now without having it seize up. Unfortunately, the spasms made me hold my body stiff; trying to avoid severe pain, and now, the same muscle that seized before is now sore on the left side of my body.  I start physical therapy on Tuesday, so maybe I can get rid of the nagging pains with massage and activity. I certainly hope so. Also, I hope that all of you are doing well and managing to stay out of the reach of Covid-19. Don't give up your mask too soon.

Saturday, February 05, 2022

An untimely death...


I'm mourning a death today. It wasn't unexpected, just not as timely as I had hoped. My 17 year old car gave up the ghost in the drive-through line at Bojangles. A nice delivery man offered to push me put of the way pf the drive-through (Bless him!!) and AAA came to the rescue. My daughter and a granddaughter tried to jump the battery, but it was having none of it. Naturally, I had a car full of groceries.
The car was towed to my local repair place, but I have not heard from them yet, and it may be Monday before they can get to it. Luckily, I have no place I need to be for a while.

They called this morning, and the financial damage is not as bad as I feared. The battery terminals were badly corroded and needed to be replaced. I will pick up the car later today.

See: there was a silver lining after all.

On the way home, the battery light came on and stayed on. I needed to take it back to the repair shop, but my family was afraid for me to drive it, fearing it might stall out again. I had it towed to the shop. They said the alternator was not working well enough to keep the battery charged and they replaced a cost of more than $500. Added to the charge for the battery terminals, I have now spent more than the van is worth (probably). BOOOOOOO! But, at least it runs now.