Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Post-Surgical Friend

Last week, a new friend here in our neighborhood asked if I would be able to pick her up after surgery, assuming she didn't have to stay overnight. I said yes, of course, thinking it would be during daylight hours. 

Her surgery was Friday and she called me at 5 pm asking if I could come and get her at 6:00. Now never mind that it was during very heavy traffic (especially heavy on Friday) but it would be getting dark within 20 minutes or so. My family does not like it if I drive at night - even though I have assured them that I am fine as long as I know the route well, and this one (of about 20 miles) is very familiar.

My husband made me call our daughter (who has lately become my mother)  and she insisted that she would drive and we could pick up my friend. She got here at 5:15, and we set out into heavy traffic. Because she is a very good and experienced driver (having lived in both Washington, DC and New York City) we arrived at the hospital at 5:56. My friend was waiting in a wheelchair accompanied by a nurse.

We made it home in record time, although traffic was still very heavy.  I am sure my friend was in pain, but she never complained. She declared she was very happy to be home and be able to sleep in her own bed! 

I called her on Saturday and took a container of homemade bean soup.  Today I have made vegetable beef soup, so I will, no doubt, take her some of that as well.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

More Culture!!

A new friend invited me to a jazz concert in downtown Apex, NC, on October 27th. I am so happy that I went!

The pianist lives in  my neighborhood, but we've never met. She's a virtuoso and her fingers fly over the keys! Lenore Raphael is a Steinway artist and she travels all over the world giving concerts. 

The bassist, Jason Foureman, was terrific!  How nice to have so many talented musicians living close by. He could nearly make the strings sing!

The drummer, Peter Ingram, is well known in this area. Jim and I went to his club the "Frog and Nightgown" several times in the 70's and 80's and saw Lily Tomlin and Carol Sloane. as well as a few others.

Their concert was wonderful; full of music from the 40's to the 60's. The soloist was JD Mills, who can sing to me any time at all!  I loved when his rendition of "I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You", which has always been one of my favorite songs! He also sang "Smoke Gets in your Eyes", another favorite. The link takes you to some samples of his singing and I urge to to listen for yourselves! 

We are indeed blessed to have such wonderful artists live in or come to this area to perform. It is too bad we cannot take advantage of every performance available!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Another Birthday.....

has come and gone. As a young child, I was unable to imagine myself as an old woman. The idea was foreign to me, and I thought I would die early - for some odd reason.  When we were told in 5th grade to write an essay about how old we would be at the dawn of the 21st century  - I could barely imagine being 60 - let alone 77, as I am now. 

I am presently the age at which my adoptive mother died.  My birth mother lived to her mid-eighties, so I suppose it is possible that I will at least match her, or possibly survive her.  I hope so - as long as my health holds out. I do not want to be old and infirm (any more so than I already am.)

Birthdays are times for reflection (or should be.) Am I happy with the person I have become? Could I do more? Have I always conducted myself in a manner that would make my parents proud?  The answer is no to all three, but I could at least remedy the first two.  I am sorry to realize that I have not been as helpful as I might have, or done as much volunteer work as I wish I had. I hope I can change that in the coming two-three years.  

I always wanted to hold and rock babies in the newborn ward at a local hospital.   At the time I might have done that, I had a thriving business doing wedding and party flowers. It would have been impossible for me to sign up for a dedicated time each week, unfortunately.  Now that I have time time for it - I am too old. That's too bad, as I have not had a baby grandchild for almost 18 years - and I really miss being around babies.  

I need to find a volunteer position that will allow me to sit for most of it, since standing for long periods is not possible.  Any recommendations?  

Lastly,  Do you reflect on your life as the birthdays pass each year?  Have you been happy with your past, present and future?

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Dental Appointment from Hell

Jim had a 2 pm appointment today on the other side of Cary, about 10 miles away. It is an area with which we are not familiar, so daughter 2 took time out of her very busy work day to be our chauffeur. Jim was not certain that I'd be able to find it - even with GPS barking out the directions.  

I think he was right, since when we reached the office park, even daughter could not find his office. The buildings were partly obscured by trees and shrubs, and the signage was too small to be deciphered easily. Adding insult to injury,  the numbers on the buildings were not consecutive. It made us wonder how many cocktails the developer had had when he sat down to number them on the blueprints - before building them.  We had to call the office and get step by step instructions in order to find it. 

Of course, we mentioned it to the office staff, who all said we were not the first people to complain. 

As I said, the appointment was for 2 pm.  We did not see the oral surgeon until 3:17. He had new x-rays taken, and then we talked with his delightful employee, who was half Korean. We did not mention "Rocket Man" to her; wisely, I think. We talked of cats and small apartments. 

As the doc examined  Jim, the one tooth extraction we thought was coming turned into 3 teeth being pulled (at some point in the future).  YIKES!   When you are older, and teeth break easily at the slightest provocation, it boggles the mind to find out that three more have to be extracted.  Of course, one of those is already broken, and really needs to come out. I question why the other two must be removed too.

Getting older is not for the faint of heart!!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Burning the candle at both ends!!

Well, I "did" say I was busy.....LOL

ON Saturday night we went to Fleming's with friends, to celebrate both ladys birthdays. I over ate and drank so much water that I nearly floated out of there. Drank a margarita too. That night I had to get up three times to go to the bathroom, but I blamed it on all the water I drank. 

Sunday, most of my family came to celebrate my younger daughter's birthday, which is this coming Wednesday. I was going to cook a meal, but they all wanted me to order pizza and make a salad, so as not to be in the kitchen all day long. At the end of the day, I was very, very happy that they had talked me into that. I even bought a cake - a red-velvet cake - instead of baking one.  I sort of like that idea and I may do that at every celebration. Even though I had not done much, I was exhausted at the end of the day.

Monday, the local book club was having their annual pot-luck luncheon. I signed up to bring pork tenderloin and I also made a cherry sauce (my favorite). I only got up once during the night, but I didn't feel very rested. I ate breakfast and immediately started making the pork.  I went to the luncheon and stayed for the book-club discussion, but I had to work hard not to fall asleep.  

Back at home by 2pm, I fell asleep in my recliner and woke by 3 to watch my soap.  I went to the bathroom and I could no longer ignore the cloudiness in my urine. My daughter drove me to the local urgent care and it was obvious I needed meds, for a UTI,  so now I am on antibiotics again.  Darn!  I hope this is the last in a very long time.  

But burning the candle is not over!  Tomorrow I play Scrabble in the afternoon and go to dinner with former neighbors in the evening. The Yard House is our first destination and we go to Level 7 afterward, for drinks. My daughter was upset that I get to go there before she has!   LOL

Wednesday, I will have lunch with two friends, but they have not let me know where yet. I'll fill you in afterward.

Friday, October 13, 2017

And Another Busy Week

Today I have a doctor's appointment - just a check up.  I hope she doesn't find anything wrong, but I'm fairly sure she won't.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will go to the free movie here in our neighborhood  -  The Hero - and then in the evening, we are going to dinner at Fleming's, with friends. It is an early birthday dinner for me.  Looking forward to filet and lobster!!

On Sunday, our whole family will convene here at home for a birthday dinner for my younger daughter. More food and hospitality.

Monday, I have the local book club annual luncheon, for which I am making pork tenderloin and cherry sauce.

Tuesday, our old neighborhood women are going out to dinner and after-dinner drinks.

Wednesday, I am going to lunch with 2 friends.

Seems as though that gym time and pool time I have been promising myself will have to come soon, or else I'll need at least 4 pairs of new pants.  Thursday will find me working out!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Busy Week

On Monday, I took JIm to the dentist - where he learned he had to go to a specialist to have a broken tooth removed, prior to a new crown being placed on the tooth next to the broken one. We went to lunch afterward.

On Tuesday, I attended a brunch in my old neighborhood; I took stuffed mushrooms, and there were several quiches and egg dishes, sausage, French toast, fruits and other delicious things. I ate like a pig. 

On Wednesday, we went to have lunch with some old friends who live at The Cypress. They invite us about every 6 weeks or so, and we always enjoy the visit with them, as well as the food. They are both 92, and since our last visit (about 2 months ago), our friend has deteriorated mentally. We are so sad to see that happening, as he was always  as sharp as a tack, as they say.  It is terrible to witness that happening in either friends or family. It also makes one think about how much time will go by before we exhibit such mental decline. I hope we have years left before that happens.   We both had Cobb salads, although mine had chicken on top and no blue cheese - which I hate. It was a huge salad, and then we had ice cream afterward.

On Thursday, I met an old friend (who is 93) for lunch and we ate at Big Ed's, a Raleigh institution! She was taking me out for an early birthday celebration.  I had a great piece of catfish, covered in a crispy breading, but so juicy inside I couldn't get enough of it. Added to that was mashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes, a biscuit and a piece of cake with cinnamon and honey, and 3 glasses of water - and I didn't want any dinner.  But later I did at some leftover porkchops.  

Today is a quiet one, with no appointments or obligations. Lunch will be a chicken salad sandwich on toast.  I have to quit eating so much and begin exercising more!!  

But Monday I will attend a luncheon with the ladies of my new area, at Metro Diner.  My daughter and I had been discussing this place just yesterday and then I learned I would be going there soon.  It looks delicious - and I guess the days of small lunches and no desserts will have to start next Tuesday.   lol