Thursday, September 15, 2022

Our Oldest Friends Came to Visit....


Our dear, old friends came to visit this week. They stayed for 4 nights and it wasn't really enough time to go through our memories. We gave it the old college try, though. 

We met Fern and Joe when the guys were in the Navy and played on the same basketball team (for Sublant). Fern and Joe married in February and we followed in July. They were our best man and matron of honor, and Jim was Joe's best man, too, but I barely knew Fern when they married. She had only been in Norfolk about a month (they knew each other from before Joe joined the Navy.)

Shortly thereafter, Joe was able to leave the Navy and go back home.....but we stayed in touch and never lost track of them.  It has been 58 years, and when we are together, the years melt away and we take up just where we left off. Aren't we fortunate to be friends for so long?

Sunday, September 04, 2022


 Yes, I'm yelling  (it's what I

Back when I was in college, I was asked by a local newspaper columnist to pose for some photos to be used in a column about hats. Since I loved hats then (and still do), I happily agreed. What 20 year old doesn't want her pic in the papers?  lol

They told me to wear a plain dark top and bring some jewelry and a selection of scarves, and they would decide what accessories went with which hats.  Here are two of the photos:

I really wanted to have the 2nd hat, it was plum/mulberry color and had large pink cabbage roses on it. I had nothing to wear with it, but that never stopped me. But when I went to Coyle & Richardson ( a local department store)  to buy it, it had already been sold.  I do wish that the photos had been in color, but the paper seldom (if ever) had color pics back them. 

I didn't care for the hat in the top pic, the style of it was not for me. I preferred hats with large or deep brims. They were not easy to travel with, but since I never went didn't matter. 

To this day, I own about 7-8 hats, not counting stocking hats for winter. Sometimes I wear one when I go to the beach....but hardly ever wear them anyplace else.  What about you? Do you love hats and wish they would come back in style?  

Thursday, September 01, 2022


 I play a lot of word games on my phone (Scrabble, WWF, Lexulous, etc.) and the ads between each game are getting to me. 

The title is always some variation of the above.....and if you believe this is the last day to get the product, I have a bridge in NYC to sell you!

The ads have been running for 30+ days, and every one of them says "It is the last day...."

The current crop is always some celebrity (Oprah or  a similar personality) hawking some diet pills/gummies that promise to help you lose weight - all without a diet or any exercise. BAH! It isn't possible, because medical people would be all over it and if they were, it wouldn't have to be sold during word games to captive audiences.  

They show mostly pretty girls who are grossly fat, in some cases, and the after pics are hard to believe. They also show girls eating the gummies as if they are the best-tasting thing since surf and turf. My problem with it is mostly all of them chew lazily with their mouths open - I guess they think it looks sexy that way. I disagree: it is disgusting. 

Plus,  I am fairly sure that people don't get six-packs by eating gummies - even if it is only one a day. 

I could get rid of the ads - and I am tempted - but I refuse to pay them to delete ads on my games. It's just wrong. 

Do you have the same problem? What ads gross you out?

Monday, July 25, 2022

Three Years go Today.....

 Jim was taken to Duke Hospital in Durham....although we had no idea how sick he was at that time. He was checked over thoroughly, and then we sat in the ER waiting room for about 9 hours, before they could get a room for him. Talk about hell on earth? It was cold, noisy, and too many people were in pain and awaiting beds.  

This morning, he is at Western Wake Medical Center in Cary, but for a much easier reason:  his second cataract surgery. Nervous energy started mid-day yesterday, and as of a few minutes ago, it had not yet abated.  My granddaughter Jessica is with him (as she was for the first cataract surgery). She texted that he has talked non-stop for 2 hours and has told his nurses (two of whom are from NYC) his whole life. Apparently, he still doesn't remember his days at Duke....I think we'd both prefer to forget them. He has forgotten that he had a colon perforation/infection and subsequent surgery to remove 8" of colon. How can he forget something that serious?  

We have to rely on GoCary (a transportation company with wheel-chair accessible vans) to take us everywhere we need to go. They are great, but now and then their performance lacks something. 

He had to arrive at the hospital by 7 am, for a 9 am surgery. My daughter made the appointment for GoCary to pick him up between 6 and 6:30 am. It takes 20-30 minutes to get to the hospital from here, depending on traffic. He was picked up at 6:21, but then the driver had another pick-up.  At 6:42, they were still near our neighborhood.  I know his nerves were shot.  My granddaughter said the driver didn't know we had to be at the hospital by 7 am. The scheduler didn't tell the dispatcher that little tidbit of info .....and that is something they need to work on!! Thank Heavens the cost is affordable for each trip. 

I just got word that he is out of surgery already.  We have to go to see the eye surgeon tomorrow and after 4 weeks of eyedrops, it will all be over.  Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Nearly a Month has gone by......

since I posted vacation photos. Posting pics has gotten more difficult over the years, so if I have more than a few, I don't have much motivation to try. 

My middle child had a birthday last Friday. All four of her children were in town and we had a cookout (per her request). Older grandson was the grill master and master he did. Hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled veggies (mushrooms, squash, onions). She specifically did not want a cake. No sweets for us that day....but on Saturday, I made pork tenderloin and my granddaughter Jessica made a wonderful cake from scratch, with fresh strawberries and blueberries, and a glaze icing.  It was delicious!

Of course, there were no pics from either of those days - daughter won't allow it. I don't know why.....she's beautiful and so are all her kids. 

Apparently, I have an eye problem. I woke up yesterday with a "red eye". It had been itchy, and I noticed a few tears escaping, but no crust or other signs of infection. The kids immediately decided I had pink-eye, and since Jim is scheduled for his second cataract surgery on Monday, they were afraid I would give it to him and his surgery would have to be postponed.  I tried to get an appointment with my eye doc, but he was in surgery and couldn't see me until Friday. So I did a tele-doc appointment by phone. She decided I had an allergic reaction to something, and she called in an Rx for some eye drops. I am to use them 2x per day for a week. I sure hope that takes care of it.  

Friday, June 24, 2022

Vacation photos...


 This is the It is huge, and spreads out over a large plot of land.   Apparently, I have forgotten ho to make an active link. 

t would be worth your while to type in that link above and read about it.  It is a 400 year old tree.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Vacation (more to come)

  •  In May, we went to the Isle of Palms, just over the bridge from Charleston, SC (actually Mt. Pleasant), where our oldest grandson and his fiancee live.  

Our daughters rented a beautiful condo on the beach, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, large kitchen and living room and the best part? A beach front balcony with a perfect view. When we opened the sliding glass doors from the den to the balcony, it was just like being outside. 

Jim and I and our older daughter stayed all week, and the other kids and 5 grand kids came and stayed 2-3 days. It was great to see most of them (we missed you, Jules)  and we enjoyed sightseeing in Charleston and eating out. I only went onto the beach once. The access required a longish walk through deep, loose sand and I can no longer negotiate it that easily. Had my very strong granddaughter not held me up, I would have face-planted on boiling hot sand more than once. 

We had several meals at the condo. We are blessed with at least 4 grand kids who love to cook. One night we had grilled shrimp and beef kabobs, with onions and veggies. They were grilled and delicious. Another night, Jessica made an Italian pasta dish (penne) with a home made sauce that smelled so good I didn't think I could wait until it was ready to eat.  The other meal was grilled die for.

We saw the usual sights that tourists go too, and we ate fresh pralines that were soooo good (but so expensive) that although I wanted to go back and get more, I decided the price was too dear.

We enjoyed walking through the Battery area; full of beautiful old homes and lots of pretty flowers. I say walk, but because Jim decided to stay in the condo that day. I got pushed in the wheel-chair.  It was fun until we hit the cobblestone streets. I had to get out and walk

One interesting thing we saw was the Angel Oak, a 400 year old live oak tree. It is a leviathan among trees and spreads out, covering a very large area. I hope my photos will give you an idea of just how big a tree it is. 

I took about 40 photos and I will post 4-5 at a time.