Thursday, February 09, 2023

It's Always Something - Isn't It?

 My husband has been in UNC Hospital since January 23rd, his 82nd birthday. He doesn't want me telling anyone about it, but since he doesn't know about this blog post - what he doesn't know won't hurt him. 

I can't say what is wrong; but I wanted you to know that is why I probably will not write a post anytime soon. 

I really hate long hospital stays, either for myself or someone in my family.  It takes a lot out of you to sit in a hospital room, day after day. 

On a brighter note:  I took my first Uber ride today. The car was so clean I almost thought it was brand new, and the guy drove safely, so it was a good ride.  It cost a small fortune, though. Too bad I let my driver's license expire isn't it?  I need to make an appointment to get my new license, but the DMV offices are so full of people all the time, I will have to wait months to get in there (and probably take a test.)

You might ask:  How did you let your license expire? Well, it all started 3+ years ago, when Jim was at Duke hospital for nearly 3 months. I had gotten a new license; the kind with the star that will be required before too long, and I noted that it would expire in 2020. That was the last I ever thought of it, apparently. The only time I had to see my license was when we went to the doctor, and we had to show our photo ID and insurance cards. But I never really looked at the card or read it - so I didn't notice that it expired.  

My daughter looked at it a month ago, and discovered it had expired. Subsequently, I went online to our DMV and found out that if your license has expired within the last 2 years, you can get a new one on line. BUT - since I had been such a dummy and let it go for 3 years, I have to go into the office and I will probably have to take a drivers test as well as a written test. I don't know for sure, yet, but I am afraid to ask. 

Have you ever let your license expire? Did you have trouble getting it back?


Granny Annie said...

As soon as I read this I went to check my license. It is good until June of this year and I have put it on my phone calendar so I will be ready.

Celia said...

Hope your new license is an easier fix than you think.

kenju said...

Luckily, I studied well and took the tests, passing with flying colors! I only missed one question on the written test and it was about littering and the penalties imposed for it. I suppose if you have to miss one - that is one of the lesser offences.
I have a temporary license now and the new one will come in about a week. YAY!