Friday, April 11, 2014

In my travels around the internet.....

I found this site, which may interest you. I was doing some research about a place I took photos of back in 1997:

This is Our Lady of the Pines, built in Tucker Co., WV. I was not able to find the date it was built, but we know it was before 1959, because that was the year that Alaska and Hawaii became our 49th and 50th states.

Follow this link to find out more. 


Granny Annie said...

I wonder how man people can be seated inside in the church.

Nancy said...


My husband, Roy, had a job once at a facility in Grafton, WV.

We drove down there from PA, through Maryland and when we entered West Virginia it became the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

While we were in Grafton a local lady told me about Mother's Day originating there and she also told me to try to see this little church about 30 miles from Grafton.

You have brought back a very happy memory of a wonderful trip to me. Thanks!

kenju said...

The church seats 12 people. It is so small, but will hold full size people with no problem.

Pat said...

It is smaller than the tiny church I saw in an island off Malta- crammed with religious icons - so OTT but I had a very emotional moment there.