Sunday, November 05, 2017

More Culture!!

A new friend invited me to a jazz concert in downtown Apex, NC, on October 27th. I am so happy that I went!

The pianist lives in  my neighborhood, but we've never met. She's a virtuoso and her fingers fly over the keys! Lenore Raphael is a Steinway artist and she travels all over the world giving concerts. 

The bassist, Jason Foureman, was terrific!  How nice to have so many talented musicians living close by. He could nearly make the strings sing!

The drummer, Peter Ingram, is well known in this area. Jim and I went to his club the "Frog and Nightgown" several times in the 70's and 80's and saw Lily Tomlin and Carol Sloane. as well as a few others.

Their concert was wonderful; full of music from the 40's to the 60's. The soloist was JD Mills, who can sing to me any time at all!  I loved when his rendition of "I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You", which has always been one of my favorite songs! He also sang "Smoke Gets in your Eyes", another favorite. The link takes you to some samples of his singing and I urge to to listen for yourselves! 

We are indeed blessed to have such wonderful artists live in or come to this area to perform. It is too bad we cannot take advantage of every performance available!

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