Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It was inevitable...

that we gave back the kittens and their mama. It was too hard on me to care for all of them, and Jim was so concerned about how he would navigate through the house after all six of them started coming upstairs and running around. Luckily, the woman who gave them to us was willing to take them back. 

I have my dibs in for a black kitten, once they reach eight weeks of age and can leave their mama.  I think Moppet will enjoy having one of her siblings here to play with; at least, I hope so. I bought a cat toy for her; one of those things with a ball that goes round and round and cannot be removed from the channel. She loves it, but we are hoping that the battery runs down soon - the chirping birds are getting to us. 

I have always been a crazy cat lady, even though I have never owned more than two at a time - until this month.  I love cats and kittens and I really wish I could have kept all of them!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Myrtle Beach, SC July, 2015

Even the new parents of eight cats have to take a vacation now and then. We went to The Marriott Grand Dunes Resort in Myrtle Beach for three days; not nearly long enough, but the kittens called us home. This is a wonderful resort and I can't recommend it any more highly. Check out the link; I'm sure you'll agree.http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/myrgd-myrtle-beach-marriott-resort-and-spa-at-grande-dunes/

I want to thank two of my grandchildren, Jessica and James, for holding down the fort, so to speak, and taking care of the eight cats and our home. James found the kittens when they were newborns and he cleaned up the carpet where the birth occurred, and helped me fix a box for them and their mama.  Jess went to a pet store and learned about a no-kill pet shelter, what to feed them, what kind of litter to use and other good information. It was a big help and we really appreciate it. They are such good kids, and we are blessed to have them. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

An update to yesterday's post

This morning, my grandson (who is staying here a few days) went downstairs to look for the mama cat. What a surprise he found - six newborn kittens. 

Call me astounded to the nth degree!  Mr. Kenju nearly had another stroke when he found out.  None of us had any idea that cat was pregnant, having just given birth 13 weeks ago. 

So, can you believe it, we went from 2 cats to 8 in one night. 

I had invited my older daughter here for dinner tonight, along with the whole family, to celebrate her birthday, which was yesterday. I cooked pork tenderloin,  scalloped potatoes, green beans, watermelon and cuke salad with hot rolls. I discovered about 4pm that I had forgotten to bake her birthday cake; after the kittens were found it was sort of hectic here, as you might imagine.  Luckily, my younger daughter stopped at Sam's and bought a triple chocolate fudge cake and it was soooooo good!!  The children had a good time going downstairs to see the new babies, and they played with the 13 week-old kitten all day. Poor thing is so tired now. 

I think this day will stand out in all our memory books for a long time!! Now I have to find out how to care for a cat who is a new mama! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Big changes at Casa kenju!

We now have the cats I showed you on June 29th, so after 4 years of no cat litter and no food and water bowls - we now have both. We will adapt  (at least, I will. Not sure about mr. kenju.)

The mama cat disappeared Sat. night and was not seen again until this morning; hiding behind a row of books in the office bookcase. When she was freed from there, she ran like a bat out of hell up two flights of stairs.
My grandson, who located her first, found her again, hiding behind a toilet. She was scared to death, poor baby. After some holding and stroking, she has finally quieted down and is currently sitting on a dining room chair, under the table.

Meanwhile, the kitten is right at home, causing havoc by prancing on the laptop keys and knocking things off tables with her tail. She is settling in much more easily than her mama; oh youth, who rush in where angels fear to tread. Isn't Moppet a beauty?

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Me! (Oh, and Mr. Kenju, too)

Way way back in 1964, I met a guy on a blind date set up for me by a friend. He was playing basketball on a Navy team in Norfolk at the time, and I was invited to a game one night. My matchmaking friend said "He is the best looking guy on the court. So who do you think it is?" I took a long look around and immediately ruled out about 7 of them. Then my eyes landed on a guy who resembled Fabian Forte (the singer), if Fabian were much taller and less girly-looking......LOL. That's Fabian on the upper right.

I said to my friend, "I think it is # so and so, and she said "You picked him!" We were introduced that night, on January 3, 1964. The photo on the left was taken in April and we married on July 2, 1964. I know, I know......you're thinking......"Why did they wait sooooo long?"

Now 51 years, three children, eight  grand kids later,  we are still together. "Inertia", I reply, when asked what has kept us married for this length of time, and there is more than a hint of truth in it. Read about our wedding in the archives on May 30, 2005 and our honeymoon snafu on December 13, 2005.

I kid about what kind of glue has held us together for so many years, but there must be some love here somewhere....LOL. We argue more often than not, but we are committed (or maybe it's that we ought to be). The woman who introduced us has since become a psychologist. I'm not sure what her impetus was; I hope it wasn't us. She says that one of the reasons we are still together is that we are comfortable enough to fight and say almost anything, and then we get over it quickly. I don't know if she is right but it sounds good. She does caution us that arguing should be productive and not deteriorate into name-calling. We are not always victorious in that endeavor, but we don't harbor grudges for long - and therein lies the root of our success. At least I think that's part of it.

We've been through thick and thin, poor and well-off and poor again, health and minor sickness, joy and despair. It would be a darn shame to end it now, wouldn't it?

So, happy anniversary, honey, and I hope you can abide me for a few more years. I'd like to reach our 60th.

(This is a repost from a few years ago, with minor changes in numbers.)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Decisions - decisions!!

Assuming you had the ability to adopt one or both of these girls (baby is 11-12 weeks and mama is 1-2 years)  would you take one or both?  And assuming you adopted both of them, what names would you give them?  I am not a fan of animals having people names, but names from literature would be wonderful to consider. My brain is mush now and I can't think, so give it your best shot.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Wonder Why....

Why do grocery stores put the cart corrals so far away from the handicapped parking? Shouldn't somebody suggest that they should place them closer? Or they could have more corrals per line of cars. What good does it do a handicapped person to have a parking place close to the door if they have to walk 6-8 spaces to and from the cart corral? 

The Confederate Flag:   People on FB are saying it is Freedom of Speech to be able to fly that flag. I"m not sure I agree; everyone I have ever known who was a fan of that flag has been racist and intolerant. Why should we give them a public platform?  When I was trying to sell my parent's last home, the next door neighbor had a confederate flag behind the gun rack on his truck. He told me that if I sold that house to a black person, he wouldn't be responsible for what he might do. I set him straight immediately, and said "then we will know exactly who to report to police if anything happens to the house."  

Why do people, if they use turn signals at all, put them on 30 seconds before they intend to turn? I'm not sure which is worse - people who do this or people who never turn off their turn signals. 

Why do grocery stores have to "remodel"  (meaning rearrange) the store floorplan every few years or so? All our stores are being remodeled now and I can't find anything!! Plus, the floors are being replaced, and at the moment, there are so many different levels/bumps on the floor that it is hard to push the cart.