Thursday, May 28, 2015

I found it!

I found a love seat; went back to the store 4 times to look at it and ordered it in my color in time to receive the Memorial Day Sale prices!  Yay!   They will deliver it on June 11th - I can't wait. Now I need to find a smallish chair for one corner of the room and I'll be set.  Photos will be taken and posted!

Hope all of you are doing well and not being flooded or having days that are too hot or too cold for the season. Hope your bodies and your cars are running well, and your pets are housebroken and docile. 

Life is good!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I went shopping today.....

it was 89* and so humid that my hair immediately sprung out all over my head like a fright wig. I look so cute   (not.)

We need to replace a 33 year old couch and the space available needs to be planned carefully. We have a couch, and 2 recliners, and it would be so much better for the arrangement of the room if we had a love seat and a side chair - something trim and not taking up too much space. A tall order, I am discovering.

If I like the style of a piece, it doesn't come in a love seat - or the available fabrics are not the colors I need. We bought a rug a year ago; heavily patterned and colorful (browns, tans, blues and celery greens.) I would prefer a blue to match one of the colors in the rug. My baby daughter thinks the fabric I like is too dark, but I like to minimize the inevitability of spots and spills, and a darker fabric will do that. She thinks I ought to have leather - but we already have a leather recliner and it is hard to match the colors and styles.  What to do?

If I had won the lottery, I'd start over and choose a rug and furniture to match at the same time, making life easier. But we have not won (you have to play to win, I hear) and I can't start over with all new stuff.

Shopping is hard on me; walking all over large furniture stores is so tiring, even though I can sit down as much as I want and test out the wares. Maybe I'll go back to the drawing board an check a few more stores this week. I don't know how long Memorial Day sales will last - but I hope they don't cancel them after Monday. Oh, it is always something, Isn't it?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Surgery

I have had a sebaceous cyst on my back for years. Until recently, it never gave me any trouble, and then once, when I leaned back in a hard, straight-backed chair, it stung like crazy. I discovered it was swollen and hot, and I knew it must be infected. I saw a dermatologist, and she wanted to remove it, but it was too soon after my heart surgery. I couldn't bear the thought of having an open incision on both my chest and my back simultaneously.

She shot something into it that made it shrink and put me on antibiotics. I hoped that would sure the problem, but it only delayed it. Soon, it started swelling again. She again shot something into it, and it shrank for a while, but it started swelling up again in a week - so I knew it was time to schedule the excision. 

Today was the day. It was virtually painless, except for the three shots of novocaine or something similar. The whole thing took about 30 minutes, and I was given instruction on how to care for the incision. I can't reach it, so my husband will have to do it for me. I sincerely hope this is the last surgery I have to have - ever. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A very busy week!

Monday:  cardiac rehab, pro-time at the doc's office, grocery store.

Tuesday: Doc's appointment for my husband, then book club in the evening. I took roasted asparagus with a lemon-garlic sauce. 

Wednesday:  Lunch with a former co-worker at Brio, chair massages later.

Thursday:  A visit to an open symphony rehearsal, where we heard "Appalachian Spring" and several other  new pieces. An added highlight was that the composers of several pieces were in the music hall , and were introduced to the group. Later, we had lunch at Caffe Luna, and we were joined by the symphony conductor, Grant Lewellyn. Grant and I ate scallops with penne and spinach. The second photo down shows a group of high school students enjoying the performance. Our visit to the symphony was organized by my former next-door-neighbor, Kerstin, and we couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Shower gone Awry

I went into the bathroom yesterday; and turned the shower on. Water flew everywhere - to the ceiling and the walls and the glass doors. I turned it off as quickly as possible, but not before inundating my robe and hair. 

I looked up at the big shower head and it was hanging by a "thread" from the pipe. Apparently, the cleaning woman who was here on Friday (her first time) messed it up and failed to tell me it might be a problem. If she spoke English, I would call her and complain. 

So I went into another bathroom to get my shower. I called my daughter, who is my landlady, and asked if my son-in-law could take a look at it. Either that or I would call a plumber and also have him install the new kitchen faucet, which I have had for months. 

They came over this morning and he fixed the shower head; putting new tape on the joint, so it should be fine for a good while. Isn't it nice to have a relative who can do things for you?  I am really grateful to Ed for the help! But the faucet remains.....and I am getting anxious for the new one, which is much easier to work than the old one. I guess I'll have to call a plumber after all. 

Friday, April 03, 2015

Cardiac Rehab #30

Today's output:

25 minutes on the Nu-Step machine.

30 bicep curls

30 lateral arm raises

15 wall push-ups

10 reps on the seated row machine

Boy am I tired - but also proud of myself. When I started rehab in January, I could barely eke out 5 minutes on any machine. A problem remains, though.  I was expected to lose 10-12 pounds during the 36 visits to rehab. As of today, I have gained 3. Yikes.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Do You Play Games?

on the computer, that is. I do. I play scrabble, lexulous, wordscraper and now I'm also back to Words with Friends. I have always loved word games and crosswords and could play for hours if I had a willing competitor. 

Back in the early years of my marriage, after I quit work to have my first child, I had a neighbor who also love to play Scrabble. I think I have written about her before. We played every day from 10 am to noon. That lasted until we moved to Raleigh in 1969. I have never found anyone here who likes to play as I do. So when I joined facebook and found I could play on the computer, my life changed. 

But there is a problem. Some of my opponents start a game and then make me wait days before they play their move. I don't understand it. Oh, I know if you are out of town, or have company, or are sick - that it might be difficult to play. But when someone goes for days or even weeks without making a play and giving no explanation, it bothers me. I love opening a game and finding that it is my turn to play. When I open it and see nothing - I deflate like an old balloon. Truly I do. 

Would you like to play any of the games above? Let me know.