Friday, January 23, 2015

You need to see this!!

A fun repeat from a blog I used to read. It's too bad she doesn't blog any longer. I really miss her photo-essays

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I stayed too long at the fair......***

Last night, mr. kenju announced that he was going to watch the football game on our large TV in the living room - whereas I usually hijack it for my programs. So I went upstairs to watch in my bedroom - on a miniscule (by comparison) TV. 

I started channel surfing and landed on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, which should be more aptly named Has-been Apprentice. After ten minutes, I changed to The Bachelor. After ten minutes of that, I decided that the two programs together could be called "dumb and dumber."  Such obvious displays of the lack of brains are seldom seen in close proximity. 

I ended up watching Antiques Roadshow, which I always enjoy. Unfortunately, being flat of my back in bed - I fell asleep before it was over. By the time I got out of bed this morning, I had been in bed 12 and 1/2 hours. Yikes, it was hard to get upright again.....LOL

***from an  old song.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Cardiac Rehab #1

It started today. I walked into the gym from the parking lot and they almost immediately hooked me up to an EKG. My heart rate was 147, and I had done nothing but walk about 100 feet. So, the nurse decided to be super-watchful over me; I was put on a seated step machine, but I did only two minute intervals, after which my heart rate was checked. 

I am nothing if not consistent. Each time I rode the machine, my heart rate went up to 140-147, and each time I stopped, the rate slowed fairly quickly afterward. That was reassuring. 

After the step machine, I rode the recumbent bike; also two minute intervals, also the same results. At one point I began to feel a tightness in my chest, and I stopped riding - which I had been told to do. As soon as I stopped, the tightness went away.  I think, all told, I did about 22 minutes of exercise, plus about five minutes of cool-down stretches. I was tired, but I am none the worse for the wear. I look forward to the day when I can do all that and not be tired afterward. I pray that day comes. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Waiting for 2015

It's all over but the shouting, as we say. I went to cardiac rehab evaluation this morning. So far - so good. I start the actual rehab on January 5th and I'm thinking they will whip my butt. I did a test ride on one machine this morning, and it went well. But add other machines and longer tests, and I may lag behind. I will be trying, however.  Of that you may be sure. 

A couple of friends are coming here tonight with Chinese take-out. I am looking forward to their company, as well as the food. Jim's brother is here visiting too, so it is almost a

Tomorrow brings a family gathering at our baby's home, and lots of good food, as usual. I am not sure any of us will be awake at midnight - but it doesn 't matter, does it? 2015 will arrive whether we are awake to see it or not. Here's hoping that the new year brings your most fervent wishes, and that it ends on a high note for us all!!


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Oh, No......part two

I think I shattered the doctor's opinion of me. I wanted to find out if it was okay for me to drink anything with alcohol in it. I mentioned that it is my habit to drink one beer every evening between 10 and 11pm, and asked if I could resume that habit now that my meds have changed.  

He looked at me quizzically and said "BEER, not wine?" and I said yes, it keeps me awake. He answered that it puts him to sleep, and I explained that when I drink wine I fall asleep for 3-4 hours, but then I awake and cannot get back to sleep. I have no such problem with beer. 

He looked straight at me and said "Do you mean to tell me that you drink a beer every night of the week?" and after I nswered yes, he appeared to be perplexed. My daughter said "You sound like Otis the town drunk in Mayberry." And I said "One beer does not a drunk make." I have the feeling that both of them would approve if I were drinking wine instead. 

Am I right? 

Friday, December 19, 2014

OH, NO! It's just my luck....

When I went to the cardiologist on Thursday, he said I am healing well and look terrific. And then he dropped a bomb. He is moving across the country to Washington State. He said his wife needs to move there so she can take care of her parents. I heartily applaud the reason for going, but I am so sad to see him go. I will see him again in March, but he leaves in April.

Our loss is Washington's gain. He is an excellent cardiologist and a research scientist as well. He already has a new position in a hospital near Seattle. I can only hope that he will be as happy there as he has been here.

He says I can have my choice of any doc in the practice, but the one I want is the head of cardiology and it is hard to get an appointment with him. Maybe I"ll get lucky. 

Meanwhile, the scar
 is healing and most of the glue has fallen off now, which helps with itching. I still don't have much energy, but that will come, I am told, with movement. Since I will start cardiac rehab in a week or so, I'm sure my energy level will go waaaaaay down before it goes higher again. This is certainly  long process.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Can you handle another?

Another whine, that is.

Tomorrow is one month since the surgery. My legs have not been shaved for a month either, and now that I am taking blood thinners, I am cautioned against using a razor. My daughter lent me her electric razor, but I have yet to use it. I think that had better be added to my agenda for today.

The soreness seems to abate a little bit each day, but now the skin over the wound feels as though someone rubbed it with sandpaper. The lightest touch - of fabric or bed covers - is painful. I was told that light massage over the area of the incision would help to break up scar tissue, and I have tried that a few times. It never dawned on me before, that I would have to deal with scar tissue too. It adds insult to injury. 

I am going to try hard not to whine any more, no matter how I feel. I'm sure you are happy to hear that.   LOL