Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Do You Play Games?

on the computer, that is. I do. I play scrabble, lexulous, wordscraper and now I'm also back to Words with Friends. I have always loved word games and crosswords and could play for hours if I had a willing competitor. 

Back in the early years of my marriage, after I quit work to have my first child, I had a neighbor who also love to play Scrabble. I think I have written about her before. We played every day from 10 am to noon. That lasted until we moved to Raleigh in 1969. I have never found anyone here who likes to play as I do. So when I joined facebook and found I could play on the computer, my life changed. 

But there is a problem. Some of my opponents start a game and then make me wait days before they play their move. I don't understand it. Oh, I know if you are out of town, or have company, or are sick - that it might be difficult to play. But when someone goes for days or even weeks without making a play and giving no explanation, it bothers me. I love opening a game and finding that it is my turn to play. When I open it and see nothing - I deflate like an old balloon. Truly I do. 

Would you like to play any of the games above? Let me know.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Quotes from Books

From "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" by Anne Tyler:

"Cody, listen. I was special too, once, to someone. I could just reach out and lay a fingertip on his arm while he was talking and he would instantly fall silent and get all confused. I had hopes; I was courted; I had the most beautiful wedding. I had three lovely pregnancies where  every morning I woke up knowing something perfect would happen in nine months, eight months, seven......so it seemed I was full of light; it was light and plans that filled me. And then when you children were little, why, I was the center of your worlds! I was everything to you! It was Mother this and Mother that and Where's Mother? Where's she gone to? And the moment you came in from school, 'Mother? Are you home?' It's not fair, Cody. It's really not fair; now I'm old and I walk along unnoticed, just like anyone else. It strikes me as unjust, Cody. But don't tell the others I said so. "

"Pearl drifts through the other bedrooms, checking the other windows. In the smallest bedroom, a nursery, a little old lady in a hat approaches. It's Pearl, in the speckled mirror above a bureau. She leans closer and traces the lines around her eyes.  Her age does not surprise her. She's grown used to it by now. You're old for so much longer than you're young, she thinks. Really, it hardly seems fair."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Aw, Baby, I'm Soooooooo Tired!

I have never forgotten this line, quoted by a wife during an appearance on Oprah. Her husband was always too tired to make love, and he said the line above - "Oh, Baby, I'm Sooooo tired"  in answer to her advances. 

I could use that line every day now - and not in response to anything specific. All last year, prior to my heart surgery, I was exhausted all the time. I truly thought that once I had the surgery, that would go away. But I've had no such luck. I am somewhat better than I was last year, but not as good as I'd like. 

This morning I took my car in for inspection. I had to get up earlier than usual. Afterward, I ran some errands and then met two old friends for lunch. After lunch, I went to three stores, where I attempted to minimize my walking and the time spent in each. By the time I finished shopping, I could barely hobble back to the car I was so tired. 

There are lots of things I need to do; clean the garage, my taxes, organizing papers and photos, cleaning closets and kitchen cabinets. I cannot forsee a time in the near future when these might be accomplished. It is disheartening, to say the least. My cardiologist gave me a good report last week - he said I am progressing well. I just wish that progression included more energy. I have to take a nap every day, especially after cardiac rehab, and on other days if I have to go shopping. 
It seems that all I do is bitch nowadays when I write a post. I do have quite a bit to be grateful for: my car passed inspection, I had a good lunch with two old blog friends and my family visited me this past weekend. I hope that my energy level increases soon. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nothing Works Anymore

I have bought a few things lately that all had to be returned due to non-function or mis-function. First were two "watches" worn on the wrist that were supposed to give you your heart-rate when a button was pushed. Neither of them worked well on me, and I was told it was because I have an irregular heartbeat. I think the makers of the watches ought to put a disclaimer on the package, saying that they may not work if your heart is not regular. 

I finally bought a new alarm clock and the alarm function does not work. I have set the clock and set the alarm, and on the face of the digital screen you can see that it is set for daylight savings time in the eastern US, and that the alarm is set for 7:10 am - but for two mornings in a row - it has not rung at all. I have set my phone alarm too, and I am thankful that it works, otherwise I might be late to rehab. 

I am returning that clock today, but I am fearful of replacing it, for fear that one won't work either. Seems all I do is return stuff. I hate doing it and it seems to me that before the 2000's, I seldom had to return anything. Do you find that to be true as well? 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Daddy

Today would have been his 111th birthday. He has been gone for 20 years, and seldom a day goes by that I don't think of him and wish he were still here. A previous post, of a portrait I made of him.

Monday, March 02, 2015


I have two alarm clocks - and both are currently useless to me. One is a clock-radio that is supposed to be self-setting (time) when you plug it in. All I get is a flashing 12:00, and since I cannot find the directions that came with it (they probably got lost when we moved), it is of no use except to play the radio. The buttons on top are unfathomable. The other one appears to work well, except that you can set an alarm time and turn it on and the clock completely ignores the alarm function. 

The newspaper guy we have must have some screws loose. For two days, he has thrown the paper into the only snowy spot we still have. My daughter shoveled our driveway, so it is clear, but he chooses to put the paper on the snow in a grassy patch. It would only require a bit more energy to toss it two more feet into the dry area. Maybe I should promise him a tip at Christmas if he would do that for me. 

Snow, snow, ice and snow......GO AWAY. It's March now, time for daffodils and crocus and greening buds. We are supposed to get more snow on Thursday and I may scream. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rehab continues...Plus

Even though I had to miss twice last week, due to snow and icy conditions. They decided to increase the difficulty on the two machines I do every time. At first all I could think of was that it would be harder to do them at a higher level. But as I was working the machines, I decided to be grateful for the fact that I am getting enough better that I am able to do them at a higher level.  YAY! Maybe one of these days, I can climb stairs again, without being short of breath!

There is a railroad underpass here in Raleigh, that is hit by a big truck at least once per month. Today, as I was driving on Peace Street, I saw many flashing blue lights ahead. The truck was already out from under the railroad track, but there was a lot of debris on the road; looking like foam insulation. Yuck. I sure am glad I am not the one who has to clean it all up! I tried to get a photo, but the police kept waving me on and I couldn't get the phone open in time. However, as so often happens, there was already a pic of the truck on facebook. Exciting, isn 't it?     LOL This pic was snapped before the police descended on the area. 

We went out to lunch on Sunday with four friends - who wanted to try dim sum. I didn't like the look of any of the offerings, so I ordered from the menu - General Tso's Chicken. Too bad I didn't see it first too. It was not tasty at all; the sauce was dark brown instead of the gingery orange it is in most Asian places. I was so disappointed. An then, after relating the story to the nutritionist at the hospital rehab, she informed me that General Tso's is one of the fattest things on an Asian menu; not good for you at all. I didn't get a pic of the foods because I left my phone at home, accidentally. I felt naked without it. Sure hope I don't do that again soon.