Saturday, April 08, 2017

Don't brag about anything - you might draw it to you.....

As little as two weeks ago, I was heard to brag about getting through this winter without having any colds or infections. Guess what?  I have come down with a dry cough and bad headache - same thing my daughter had last week, and now she has given it to me and to her husband. 

My husband started a local pipe smokers club 20+ years ago and this weekend was their annual expo; where they have vendors come in from all over the east coast to sell their wares and tobacco, and talk about pipes. He stayed in the closest hotel, so we wouldn't have to drive back and forth to help him get to the fairgrounds, about 12 miles away. They were hoping for a record turnout, and since the Southern Home Show and a boat show were also at the fairgrounds, they expected a larger than usual audience. Two of the women whose husbands belong to the club invited me to join them for dinner, since our husbands would be occupied with club business and vendors. 

We set out to go to a nearby Italian restaurant, but it was jammed and they could not seat us for at least 70 minutes. We declined to wait and we went next door to a small Chinese place, for which we didn't have high hopes, but our meals turned out to be surprisingly tasty and bountiful. I had shrimp egg foo yung, which I have loved for many years.  Unfortunately, it having turned cold and windy - I ordered hot tea and was served it in a tall styrofoam cup. I didn't think about how much caffeine would be in it - until I was nearly done drinking the whole cup. I sure wish I had remembered earlier. I could not go to sleep last night and as I have not had a nap all day, I am now exhausted.  The illness hit me about the time I got home, so I took pain meds, but they don't help with insomnia (even the self-caused kind.)

I tossed and turned all night, and since I have not napped today (even though I tried) I am now exhausted. I hope to sleep well tonight. It is too bad that lack of sleep will not cause one to lose weight - since I need that. LOL

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Some Excitement at Lunch Today

Today we went to have lunch with some old friends at The Cypress, a residential facility for elders here in town. This photo was looking out onto their waterfall from inside the dining room. It will be even prettier when all the plants and trees leaf out.

We had a nice lunch, and then went to the entrance. Our gentleman friend (age 92) went to the men's room and then he joined us in the lobby. As he approached the center table, he placed a hand on it and started to buckle at the knees. Jim said, Tom (not his real name), are you okay, and he answered no. I took two steps and put my hands under his elbows, just as he started to fall backwards. He was too heavy for me to hold, so we both fell - but I was able to break his fall and keep his head from hitting the wood floor. I didn't get hurt at all, and my head did not hit the floor either - although I fell onto carpet, for which I am most thankful.

This photo is of our friend, still on the floor, and a nurse from the on-site medical facility. The concierge had called the med. facility as well as EMS. Meanwhile, his wife was calling their daughter, who lives about 20 minutes away. 

The EMS squad arrived swiftly and began asking questions, which we all answered, including the man who fell. He was asked if he had any health problems and he said "No, "  and I told the nurse that he had suffered a heart attack this past Christmas. They did an EKG on the spot and although it looked good, they recommended that he go to the hospital to be checked out. He said he didn't want to go, but his daughter was able to change his mind about that. 

Meanwhile, the nurse at the Cypress was examining me. I said "I don't even live here", and she said that any time there was an incident and someone fell, they had to be examined too. So I let her do a BP check and a few other things. I was fine.

We accompanied his wife back to her home and stayed with her until her son-in-law arrived. I am so glad we were with them when it happened, glad that I was able to break his fall and very glad that I had no ill- after-effects from my fall. I was able to drive home with no problems.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lunch with a Blog Friend +

Vicki and I have been blog friends for at least 10 years; although she doesn't write her blog any more and mine has only sparse updates. We had lunch today at my favorite Mexican place - Los Tres Magueyes - and it was, as usual, very enjoyable to be with her. Once again, however, I forgot to take photos - not even of the food. I had arroz con camarones (rice and shrimp) and Vicki had carne asada tacos, which she said was very good. I do love Mexican food, even though I am not very adventurous with the menu. I love fajitas, and chimichangas and tacos that I make at home. I use the "stand and stuff" taco shells. 

I wanted to see her beautiful granddaughter Arleigh, but she was at daycare today. I surely hope I get to see her again soon. Last time was months ago and babies change so much on a daily basis. 

Now for the  +.......

We have Blue Cross insurance and they have been trying to get me to have a home health visit for the last 2 years. I didn't feel as though I needed it, since I see my doctor regularly, and I turned them down repeatedly. Now they are giving out a $50 giftcard to one of four places, if you will agree to the visit - so today I did. The nurse was delightful and she checked my medicines, asked questions, took my BP and listened to my heart - and that was that.  I am glad I finally agreed to do it and glad it is over.  

My husband says I am becoming too social. I belong to two book clubs, a scrabble group, a club for women named Judy and a neighborhood lunch group, as well as my old neighborhood group of women who get together once a month. Hubby is feeling neglected, since I am gone often.  I do try to make sure that he has something decent to eat when I am away - but it is not always to his liking. 

The cat doesn't seem to like it when I am gone either - but I am not changing my habits for either of them!! As the nurse aid this morning,  "You are not letting any grass grow under your feet, are you?" and she's right, I'm not!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

An Invitation Gone Awry

Three days ago, a small envelope arrived in our mailbox, addressed to a man who lived here before we did - and before the people who preceded us. We have no forwarding address, so I wrote that on the envelope and put it back in our mailbox. 

On Friday, I checked the mail, and found the same envelope. As I thought it was some kind of invitation, I opened it - and found a "save-the-date" card for a wedding to be held in July. On it was a wedding website address, which I located and left a message that the man doesn't live at this address now - and we have no idea where he is. 

Having been a wedding florist, as well as the mother of two brides, I know how important responses can be when you are planning a wedding. So I left a note telling the happy couple that their intended recipient did not get the save-the-date. I suspect she will try to track him down. 

Would you have done the same thing? Or was opening the envelope the wrong thing to do? 

Monday, March 06, 2017

Early Easter Dinner Party (late lunch)

I invited some friends for a late lunch/early dinner on Sunday. I had bought flowers to match my tablecloth, but the centerpiece needed something else - so I got out all my Easter decor.  

Immediately, I remembered dealing with all this last year - as Moppet decided these were her personal playthings. She jumped up onto the sideboard and started trying to dislodge some eggs from the bowls. I sprayed her with the mist bottle - and she retreated. 

Last year, every time we left the house, we returned to find eggs, chicks and ducks all over the kitchen floor.

I was pleased with the way it all turned out, even though my green dishes don't really match or blend well with the table
cloth. As usual, I forgot to take photos of the foods:  pork tenderloin with cherry sauce, mac and cheese, asparagus, watermelon salad, hot bread and apple pie.   

The flower-painted glasses were a gift from a good friend, and they looked great with this cloth and the flowers. 
A close-up of the centerpiece. The pink Fenton vases (or my blue ones) always work well. They are very simple to do, but they pack a visual wallop!

We enjoyed our company (three members of the Day Family - Mel, Billy and Sandra) and we hope to see all of them again soon.  Those of you who know them know that they are the "salt of the earth". We are lucky and blessed to be in their acquaintance. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our Trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art

I was very late getting onto Facebook today (not that it matters.) I left home at 10:15, to meet seven women from my old neighborhood at our art museum, to view an Ansel Adams exhibit and have lunch. We all enjoyed the exhibit; there is no denying Adam's talent and his choice of subject matter showed us places we might likely never see.

We met in the lobby of the "old" building; saw the exhibit and went to the "new" building for lunch at IRIS. 
I ordered a turkey and provolone sandwich, with sweet peppers accompanied by sweet potato fries.  It was all very tasty and I ate all but 4 of the fries and had 3/4ths of the sandwich. It is a shame I didn't know how badly it would affect my stomach. I have the worst case of indigestion I have had in years. I ran an errand afterward and then came home and slept for 90 minutes. It still hurt. I am going to take a pill for it and pray it goes away soon. There will be no dinner for me tonight; I can't add to my misery.

This is my plate.

Kale and squash.

Pulled pork and onion rings.

Chicken salad and greens.

Which would you prefer?

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Maggiano's and Friends

We went to Maggiano's restaurant in Durham on Saturday, with friends. I had tilapia, which was divine, and I don't use the word often. 

Lon and Jim, who was still chowing down on meatballs and angelhair. He chose lasagna to bring home. Did you know that Maggiano's has a buy one - take one home program?  

Lorie and her husband, Lon. 

Stu and Audrey

And Sophie, who belongs to Laurie and Lon. She didn't go to lunch with us, but we went back to their home afterward and visited with her. She is a wonderful, affectionate dog and I would love to see her more often. 

I worked the "scrabble" table at our clubhouse games expo last week. We had a few people express interest in joining, but none of them showed up at the games on Tuesday. People seem to be afraid that they will be ridiculed if they are not good enough - or can't spell. We play in good fun and no one is chastised for not being good enough.