Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Doctor(s)

I saw the "shoulder" doctor yesterday and got a bit of good news. I can retire that damnable sling forever. I can drive short distances, if I am careful. I can do anything that doesn't make my shoulder hurt, including physical therapy for my hip  (which I have been doing, but modified since I broke my clavicle.) There is a bump on top of my shoulder, and when I asked what it is, the doc said it is part of your clavicle.  I guess it was out of place after the fracture and the only way to get it back is surgery, for which I will not opt. It isn't too prominent and it doesn't hurt  (mostly.)

The hip doctor appointment is on Friday; and I hope she will tell me I can stop physical therapy soon. It has helped my sciatica some, but it still hurts nearly everyday. I will still be going to the health club and using the pool, so I won't stop exercising even if I stop therapy.  I am hoping she can give me a shot to help the pain.

We are going out to dinner with six friends soon; Italian night at their club. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. Two of them are picking us up, since we didn't know if I could drive by now or not.  It is good to be chauffeured!  

What's new with you?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

My New Neighborhood

is a Del Webb Community for people 55 and over. I never thought I'd be living in such a place and didn't expect to like it, but I do.  My daughter has been prompting me to join some groups or clubs - of which there are 200+ - but I wanted to wait until we got settled before I started anything new. 

Today I joined two groups; one for women named Judy, and there are 40 of us. In  elementary school, I always had 2-3 Judy's in every class, but as I got older, the number of women I knew named Judy got lower.  In our old neighborhood, there were three, but there were 72 households there, and over 1200 here. 

I got an email from a woman named Judy, inviting me to join their club, so I did. She said they had already gotten together several times and the next time, they will go out to lunch. I look forward to that, although it is hard to get to know that many people at once.  

I also joined the Scrabble Club. I have been playing Scrabble since the game came out and I never tire of it. I also play it on-line, along with Words with Friends, Lexulous and Wordscraper.  I don't know when I will get to play with this group, as apparently they are not active at the moment, but I look forward to it. 

I will miss the next luncheon meeting of the women who live on my street, as we will be at the beach. It's too bad, since it will be another month before they meet again.  

If I am not careful, I won't have any free time. I am still active in my old neighborhood group - for which I am very thankful - and grateful to be healthy enough to do it all. 

I drove for the first time today, since breaking my clavicle. It hurt a bit when I forgot and used my left hand on the wheel, so I made sure I drove with my right hand only. I had to take off the sling, of course. I see the doc next Monday, and I am hoping to get good news!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Art in Bloom, North Carolina Museum of Art 2016, Part 2

Cydney Davis-English's interpretation of a statue of The Egyptian Goddess Isis
I don't remember the florist who did this, but it is a study in basing and pave.
                                        Another view of the one above. 
An interpretation of a sculpture 
                        An interpretation of a collar in the Jewish art section
                                                  Solid sunshine!
 An interpretation of a mosaic; I object to the bare use of metal pincushion flower holders. They should have been covered.
                           I loved this one and wish I had gotten a better photo.
                                                     Just my style!
                               Not a good picture. Painting in flowers....

Thus ends my photos of the exhibit. If you are local, I urge you to go before the end, on Sunday.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Art in Bloom; North Carolina Museum of Art April 2016, Part One

I went with a group from my old neighborhood today, to tour the NCMA's Art in Bloom.  Various art works are chosen to be represented in flowers, and floral designers come in to do the work. I am not sure how they choose which art works or how the people are chosen.  When I was volunteering with the museum, I tried, without success, to get them to consider doing this program, since other museums across the country were doing it and having great feed back and makeing lots of money. However, the conservationists were too worried about having bugs introduced to the museum through untreated flowers and supplies, so they would never agree to it. It made me sad.  But I am happy that they have seen the light, so to speak, and allow it now.  

I took many photos, and I assumed it would be easy to remember who did what. Boy, was I ever wrong about that. I do remember a few things that were done by people with whom I am acquainted. So I will post the photos for you and mention the floral designer where I can. I apologize for not being more specific with all of them.  Our group:  
A rendition of a Madonna

Red flowers and branches. The painting it represented was all gray, so we couldn't figure out why red was used. 

An all succulent arrangement.

A cactus in the skull eye socket, part of a tableau that was an interpretation of a painting by a western painter whose name I can't remember now. 

By Doug Odom, an interpretation of a Frank Stella abstract. We thought using a tire was ingenious!!

Another by Doug Odom, all greenery and succulents.

A construction by Cydney Davis-English of The English Garden, honoring the portrait section of the museum of art. 

A beautiful spring arrangement, part of a construction by Cydney Davis-English of The English Garden.

A beautiful arrangement by Ginger and Renee of The Flower Cupboard in Cary, NC

A gold box with pave flowers around the base. This was the back side. 

Me, standing beside a video showing me, part of the construct by Cydney Davis-English. Cydney interviewed me, along with others, about the flower business. Unfortunately  (or perhaps fortunately) no one could hear any of it. 

An interpretation of one of the most loved paintings at our museum, shown next.

I apologize for lopping it off in the middle, but there were so many people around, it was hard to get a clear shot of anything. This is "The Garden Parasol" by Frederick Carl Frieseke

I think this was was depicting a sculpture, but I can't be sure.
I wish that I could have gotten a good photo of every piece and the art it represented, but due to the crowds, it was not possible. I will try to get another post up soon, showing the remainder.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Odds and Ends

It is always nice, but something of a shock to get a comment on a blog post written a long time ago. Yesterday, I got a comment on this one, on my other blog  "Imagine". After 8 years - it is amazing. I suppose the woman who commented had "googled" Strega and found my post. A long time ago I wrote about memory loss, which I referred to as "early onset Alzheimers/dementia" .  I continue to get comments on that one, although I can't find it now. 

We have not seen Strega or her people since that was written, but this affords us a good reason to contact them, which we will do soon. 

I wish that phone companies would put a metal ring on cell phones so that we could attach a chain or band to use as a necklace.  Jim lost his phone yesterday for a while. Luckily it had dropped out of his pocket in our daughter's car -  not in the street - and so we got it back. If we could hang it around his neck, it would be so much better!!

Physical therapy continues for both of us, although I think we may be coming to the end  (where Medicare ceases to pay.) Too bad one of us will probably not continue after the payment runs out. I will be going to the pool and hot tub as soon as I can get a bathing suit on and off with one hand/arm.  It ain't easy!

I hope all of you had a Happy Easter, filled with family, friends and good food!  We did; although some of the family couldn't come. We also got together on Monday night to celebrate my grandson's 22nd birthday, at the restaurant of his choice, a sushi place in Apex. It was packed!!  I didn't like the food all that well, but it appeared that many people did, since they were so busy.  Restaurants around here do a booming business and always have. My mother-in-law used to say "Don't tell me there's a poor economy!  The restaurants around here are always full of people!"  

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Doc, A funeral, a Friendly Bakery, Moppet's Easter Passion and the Best Ending

I had an appointment with the orthopedist this morning; it looks as if I'll be wearing this darn sling for another month - and not driving either. That might be a good idea, since the local cops and troopers have declared war on speeders. New x-rays showed that my broken clavicle has not begun to knit together yet. There are "fibers" extending from each end to the other, but no actual bone. It's a function of age, I'm told. Stinks to be this way. I just have to be patient.

I then attended a funeral for the father of a good friend; in Wake Forest, which is about 35 miles from our new home. My daughter is becoming our chauffeur during this time when I cannot drive, and it is not easy for her, taking time away from her business. We headed toward the funeral and had a few minutes to waste, so she stopped at a bakery on Main Street, and I got a cinnamon bun and coffee. I sat out front at their tables; the weather was terrific today (79* and sunny). The only downside was the pollen, of which I am sure I must have consumed a lot.  I used my phone for a few minutes, and I had to keep wiping pollen off the screen so I could see. I guess a lot of it fell on my cinnamon bun before I finished eating it. What I noticed while there was that everyone who came out of the restaurant/bakery said hello. what a friendly little town!  One guy came out to clean the pollen off the door and windows and noticed my sling and asked what happened. I told him and he said not long ago he was in a car wreck. Anticipating the air bag deploying, he put his left hand up in front of his face and it broke all the bones in that hand. The upside was that there was no injury to his "moneymaker" (as he called his face) and since he was pretty cute, I guess he was right. 

The time for the funeral visitation/wake loomed, so we went there, and I was dropped off. There were about 100+ people at the funeral, only 4-5 of whom I knew, but it was good to chat briefly with a few, especially two women who used to help me in my flower business. I had not seen either of them in a long time. It was a lovely service - as nice as a funeral can be, I suppose. I was so glad I was able to attend. I wanted to go to the reception afterward, at my friend's home, but my daughter had to get back home so she could work at least part of the day. 

The downsides to the day:  Moppet has discovered my Easter decor chicks and eggs. I have had to pick at least 5 of them off the floor since I got home at 3pm and she has been sprayed 4-5 times in an effort to persuade her to leave the display alone. So far, it isn't working. 

The next downside is that despite being asked by me and our daughter to keep his phone on and answer it when it rings, Jim turned it off to charge it and never turned it back on. The upshot was that Jim was unavailable to us from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm - which is totally unacceptable. I called him 12 times and our daughter must have called 15 or more. It is worrisome, given his health history, when we can't get a hold of him. I hope he will heed our requests to not do that again. 

The best part of the day:   A Carolina Sunset

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arm Slings, Broken Teeth, a Book and a Movie

The arm sling given to me in the hospital ER is a pain in the a$$, so to speak.

Here is a message to the company that manufactures arm slings:

Can you make them of some cotton fabric, so that they don't burn you up like the fires of hell, even on a cool day? The basic color (blue) is fine, but the edging (white) is a ridiculous choice for something that has to be worn for weeks on end. It is so hard to keep it looking clean.  The strap is lined with foam, and I understand it is to make it more comfortable. But it also "catches" on everything I wear under it, and grabs my hair and pulls it like a small baby who is learning the use of his/her hands. I cannot free my hair from its grasp without some considerable effort; picking them out one by one, and even then, it is difficult. 

The sling fabric is somewhat silky; making it hard to keep in place - even when worn over a shirt or robe. I am forever repositioning it, which hurts my shoulder.

GAH!!!  I pray to God that I never break another clavicle!! 

You may remember that I recently broke a tooth. Last night was Jim's turn. We were eating corned beef and cabbage, so it's hard to see what would make the tooth break off at the gum line, unless it was already cracked.  It will necessitate a trip to the dentist. My new one is close to our neighborhood, but Jim has not been there yet. I am sure they will have to remove the remaining part of the tooth, and will probably suggest an implant  (haha) or a bridge. Yikes - getting old is not for sissies - as they say.

I think I have already recommended this book before, but it is so good that I feel the need to put it out there again.  "The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto", written by Mitch Albom, is one of the best books I have read in the last five years. You will really like it if you play a music instrument, can read music or just love music of all types.  It follows a person (Frankie) from birth to death - and it is an interesting life that takes Frankie to many corners of the world, meeting all kinds of people - especially musicians. I recommend it!!

A movie we saw this weekend on TV is called Win Win. I had never heard of it, but I am surely glad we watched it.  I think it will appeal to anyone who has or had the care of an older person, the care of a young person who is not your birth child, if you have money troubles, and if you feel strongly about staying in your family home as you get older.  Check it out - you'll be glad you did.