Sunday, February 05, 2017

Maggiano's and Friends

We went to Maggiano's restaurant in Durham on Saturday, with friends. I had tilapia, which was divine, and I don't use the word often. 

Lon and Jim, who was still chowing down on meatballs and angelhair. He chose lasagna to bring home. Did you know that Maggiano's has a buy one - take one home program?  

Lorie and her husband, Lon. 

Stu and Audrey

And Sophie, who belongs to Laurie and Lon. She didn't go to lunch with us, but we went back to their home afterward and visited with her. She is a wonderful, affectionate dog and I would love to see her more often. 

I worked the "scrabble" table at our clubhouse games expo last week. We had a few people express interest in joining, but none of them showed up at the games on Tuesday. People seem to be afraid that they will be ridiculed if they are not good enough - or can't spell. We play in good fun and no one is chastised for not being good enough. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Odds and Ends

Forty (plus) Women Named Judy:

That's how many of us  (women named Judy) live here in my neighborhood. Fourteen of us gathered on Wednesday for a meet and greet; involving food and coffee. It was a surreal experience - but also fun to get to know some of them.

One woman had compiled a list of questions for us, and she provided pads of paper and pens so we could write down our answers. All the questions pertained to our time in both high school and college. We discussed some of our answers, and a few women told funny stories. We were told to bring our senior annuals, but I forgot to take mine. I am already looking forward to their next meeting, in June.

The Inauguration:

I cannot pretend to be pleased today. I am not a fan of Trump and I doubt I ever will be. He sickens me and I have trouble understanding how anyone (especially women) can support him. I have been watching The Borgias, and tonight I was struck by the similarities in the story to the current situation. In the 1400's, a man named Borgia (from Spain) was in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church as a Cardinal in Rome. When the old Pope died, Borgia bribed the others into voting for him as Pope. Then after he was installed as the Pope - he put his two sons into high office. It sort of reminded me of what has been happening lately. History always repeats itself, we're told.

A Book Recommendation:

"The Little Paris Bookshop" by Nina George

I loved this book and I can hardly wait to see it made into a movie. I want so much to see who will be chosen to play the 4-5 main characters!  The neighborhood book club ladies suggested Richard Gere for the main lead and I have NO problem with that!!

My old neighborhood book club will discuss this book next week - I am looking forward to seeing who they would select as the leads!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ricci's Trattoria is NOT OPEN YET!!

If you saw this website for Ricci's Trattoria, you would assume that the restaurant is open, wouldn't you?  We did;  but when we drove up to the front tonight, the lights were off and it is obvious that the place is not ready to open yet. 

Why in Heaven's name would the owners put their website on the internet - and not mention they have not opened yet?? 

The former restaurant in this site closed last year and the sign saying that Ricci's is coming has been up for a long, long time. There was no activity for months - and we were excited when we thought they were already open.  POOH. This stinks.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Blogaversary!! or Blogiversary!!

No matter how you spell it - I've just missed one.  I started blogging on January 16, 2005.  Little did I know then that I'd still be at it in 2017!  Twelve years is a long time, and one might argue that few have enough to say (on a regular basis) to keep up a blog for so long - but I have always talked too much, so it figures that I'd write too much as well.

Not much of note is going on; today is book club in my neighborhood, as well as a movie of a previous book "A Man Called Ove."  I have already seen the movie, but it is good enough to merit a second look! WE will bring bag lunches to eat after the movie and before the book meeting. The book this month is "The Little Paris Bookshop" and I heartily recommend it. Tomorrow is Scrabble Club - which I always enjoy. It is a semi-regular group of smart, fun women who enjoy playing Scrabble both in person and on-line. 

On Thursday, I will attend the first meeting of the club for women named Judy (since I have lived here.) I am told there are about 40 of us; of course, not everyone can attend every get-together. I am looking forward to meeting quite a few of them.

P.S.  The UTI was banished quickly, thanks to Keflex. And thanks to the doc, who gave me a script for taking a smaller dose four times a day, I had no side effects from the meds!  This is the first time I have ever taken an antibiotic that I didn't also have terrible side effects. So I was able to get my facial and go to Scrabble with no problems!!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Not a Great Way to Start the New Year.....

in an urgent care.  It's nothing serious - a UTI - which I apparently have had for 4 days, and should have seen the doc on Fri. or Sat.   I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't:  my daughters are always chastising me. If I go to the doctor for something - I am jumping the gun and "always going to the doc for something." If I don't go - I am ridiculous and not taking care of my health.

What to do?

I am now on antibiotics; which may put the damper on scheduled activities, such as a facial on Tuesday and a birthday luncheon on Wednesday for a friend. I have been very healthy for the past year or so, except for breaking my collarbone, and having to curtail my doings bothers me. I hate to be limited in what I can do. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Our Family Christmas ~ 2016

was celebrated today, again - at my daughter's home. All three of our children, assorted spouses, a girlfriend, her son and six grandchildren were there. Two of our granddaughters were out of town; one in Ireland and the other in Virginia. We hope to have both of them back home safe and sound in a few weeks. 

We got smart regarding food!  Instead of cooking for days, as we did before Thanksgiving, we ordered take-out from both a Chinese and an Italian restaurant. While it was not cheap, it was definitely worth it!

I had stuffed clams and a chocolate, bourbon bread pudding with mascarpone and vanilla ice cream for dessert. Maggiano's outdid themselves!  There are no pics - I ate it all too quickly. 

Everyone was stuffed to the gills and seemed to be happy with their choices. Afterward, we separated into groups to watch football, talk or simply rest our stomachs.

It was a very nice gathering; I hope that for all of you tomorrow. Have a very Merry Christmas and the best year ever in 2017!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Christmas Spirit.....

I don't have any yet - but I'm working on it. Luckily, some others I have come in contact with are loaded with it....

In cold weather, the tailgate on my van will not stay up. When I need to load the groceries or other packages, I have to raise it, jump under it and hope that the tailgate doesn't fall quickly enough to hurt me. So last week, I was in the parking lot with a cart full and trying to get the tailgate to stay up long enough to load the bags, and it was starting to rain.  

A nice man approached and grabbed the tailgate with one hand and some bags with the other - and proceeded to load the car for me. I tried to grab a bag or two, but he wouldn't let me and he stood there until he had loaded every bag. 

Then he asked if he could take the cart back to the store for me - and he did. As he walked away, I yelled out "Merry Christmas" and he said the same - as did several others who were in earshot. That got me started to have at least a little bit of the spirit of Christmas. 

Do you have it yet?