Monday, February 23, 2015

Rehab continues...Plus

Even though I had to miss twice last week, due to snow and icy conditions. They decided to increase the difficulty on the two machines I do every time. At first all I could think of was that it would be harder to do them at a higher level. But as I was working the machines, I decided to be grateful for the fact that I am getting enough better that I am able to do them at a higher level.  YAY! Maybe one of these days, I can climb stairs again, without being short of breath!

There is a railroad underpass here in Raleigh, that is hit by a big truck at least once per month. Today, as I was driving on Peace Street, I saw many flashing blue lights ahead. The truck was already out from under the railroad track, but there was a lot of debris on the road; looking like foam insulation. Yuck. I sure am glad I am not the one who has to clean it all up! I tried to get a photo, but the police kept waving me on and I couldn't get the phone open in time. However, as so often happens, there was already a pic of the truck on facebook. Exciting, isn 't it?     LOL This pic was snapped before the police descended on the area. 

We went out to lunch on Sunday with four friends - who wanted to try dim sum. I didn't like the look of any of the offerings, so I ordered from the menu - General Tso's Chicken. Too bad I didn't see it first too. It was not tasty at all; the sauce was dark brown instead of the gingery orange it is in most Asian places. I was so disappointed. An then, after relating the story to the nutritionist at the hospital rehab, she informed me that General Tso's is one of the fattest things on an Asian menu; not good for you at all. I didn't get a pic of the foods because I left my phone at home, accidentally. I felt naked without it. Sure hope I don't do that again soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Latest Harp Concert - Valentine's Edition

I wrote before about my former neighbor who is wheel-chair bound; she and her husband are big supporters of the NC Symphony and friends with many of their members. The harpist, Anita Burroughs-Price, regaled us today with another concert - this Valentine's week calling for love songs. If I can figure out how to get a video on the blog, I can show you what a wonderful harp Anita owns, and what a fabulous harpist she is, and how giving of her talents, to share with us. 
The neighbor who hosted us sets a wonderful table or two. Fresh flowers, candles, lanterns and pretty napkins with fancy napkin
rings. My plate was heavy-laden, as always, since we are all such good cooks  (well, they
are.) Ham, broccoli casserole, mac and cheese, croissants, chicken salad and green salad with fruit and barley left me room for dessert:  lemon chess pie and a cranberry/nut concoction that I love. I almost forgot to mention the shrimp cocktail, but you can see it in the photos. 

Anita usually joins us for lunch, but today, she had to scoot to Chapel Hill, in preparation for playing at the funeral of a well-loved sports figure coming up in the near future. In his honor, we sang the UNC Fight Song and the video will be shared with his family. 

Hot or Cold?

How is it possible that I can go to bed dressed in the same gown, with the same covers on the bed and the heat pump temperature set for 72 and on one of those nights, I cannot get warm at all - even with my heated mattress pad on - and on the other night, I am fine? 

It's another of life's ongoing mysteries. Like how my newspaper, which was on my driveway when I got up at 7:00, mysteriously got itself up and walked across the street, resting on the curb by 9:00 a.m.  I think someone's dog must have moved it, but I wish that person would have thrown the paper back onto my driveway. 

Gun violence is reaching unheard of levels. Every single day, we read of new murders in the surrounding towns and far-away cities. Since when did it become the thing to do - take matters into your own hands instead of using the proper channels to solve your differences? Three people were murdered in Chapel Hill last night and I read that it was an ongoing parking dispute that created strife. Sheeesh,'s worth murder? Really?

Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Rant - but not about me (this time)

I ordered a pair of shoes from "". I don't usually do that because my feet are hard to fit, but we had previously ordered a pair of slippers for Jim and they were good quality. 

The catalog I had said that anything ordered from that catalog that totaled over $49 would get free shipping. I was to enter a code from the back page into the appropriate spot on the order form. I entered that code approximately 12 times and every time it said the code was incorrect. I was mightily frustrated, as you might imagine. I know I entered the code correctly. 

Giving up, I clicked the order, figuring if I got charged postage, I could call customer service and explain what happened and get a refund. 

Oh, how naive I am. 

The shoes arrived quickly and they fit like a dream. However, there was a $12.99 charge for shipping. Grrrrr. I called customer service and was told that it didn't matter if I had had a problem entering the code. They said what I should have done was call them while I had the order on-line. I do wish they had said that on the catalog, so I would have known. The young woman I spoke with said her manager said no refund would be given since I had not contacted them at the time to let them know. 

I told them I would never be ordering from them again! 

What would you do/have done?  

I did leave a complaint on a third party site, which got me a survey to fill out about customer service - but so far - no refund. I am mad and dismayed. I like their shoes, and I would be inclined to order from them again, if only they would refund this postage.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cardiac Rehab # 9 - Major Whine

I am stronger, but I don't have any more energy or stamina than I did before I started cardiac rehab. My son says to give it time; that all my hard work will kick in soon. I surely do hope he is right. 

Here goes another whine session. If I get any other thing wrong with me I will give up. I hurt my right shoulder getting out of bed last week and it is very sore. On my lower back, near my spine, I have a sebaceous cyst that got swollen and inflamed last week. When I sat down on one of the machines I use at rehab, my back hit the seat back and it felt as if I was being stabbed in that cyst. Two days later, I was bruised all around the cyst, and it was still swollen and tender.  I called my dermatologist to make an appointment and found out that she had left that practice - which made me sad. So I saw her partner, who has put me on antibiotics for 2 weeks. Additionally, my cardiac scar is forming a keloid, and is red and swollen. I am to use an OTC creme on that 2 x per day - and it is not cheap. 

I have had sciatica for about 4 weeks now, with lower back pain and muscle spasms. My right heel is still plagued with Achilles tendonitis, although it is better than it has been for the last 2 years. Do you understand my frustration?  Sheeesh. Give me a break, please. Sorry for all the whining, but someone asked for an update and this is the easiest place to do it. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

You need to see this!!

A fun repeat from a blog I used to read. It's too bad she doesn't blog any longer. I really miss her photo-essays

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I stayed too long at the fair......***

Last night, mr. kenju announced that he was going to watch the football game on our large TV in the living room - whereas I usually hijack it for my programs. So I went upstairs to watch in my bedroom - on a miniscule (by comparison) TV. 

I started channel surfing and landed on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, which should be more aptly named Has-been Apprentice. After ten minutes, I changed to The Bachelor. After ten minutes of that, I decided that the two programs together could be called "dumb and dumber."  Such obvious displays of the lack of brains are seldom seen in close proximity. 

I ended up watching Antiques Roadshow, which I always enjoy. Unfortunately, being flat of my back in bed - I fell asleep before it was over. By the time I got out of bed this morning, I had been in bed 12 and 1/2 hours. Yikes, it was hard to get upright again.....LOL

***from an  old song.