Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Another Birthday.....

has come and gone. As a young child, I was unable to imagine myself as an old woman. The idea was foreign to me, and I thought I would die early - for some odd reason.  When we were told in 5th grade to write an essay about how old we would be at the dawn of the 21st century  - I could barely imagine being 60 - let alone 77, as I am now. 

I am presently the age at which my adoptive mother died.  My birth mother lived to her mid-eighties, so I suppose it is possible that I will at least match her, or possibly survive her.  I hope so - as long as my health holds out. I do not want to be old and infirm (any more so than I already am.)

Birthdays are times for reflection (or should be.) Am I happy with the person I have become? Could I do more? Have I always conducted myself in a manner that would make my parents proud?  The answer is no to all three, but I could at least remedy the first two.  I am sorry to realize that I have not been as helpful as I might have, or done as much volunteer work as I wish I had. I hope I can change that in the coming two-three years.  

I always wanted to hold and rock babies in the newborn ward at a local hospital.   At the time I might have done that, I had a thriving business doing wedding and party flowers. It would have been impossible for me to sign up for a dedicated time each week, unfortunately.  Now that I have time time for it - I am too old. That's too bad, as I have not had a baby grandchild for almost 18 years - and I really miss being around babies.  

I need to find a volunteer position that will allow me to sit for most of it, since standing for long periods is not possible.  Any recommendations?  

Lastly,  Do you reflect on your life as the birthdays pass each year?  Have you been happy with your past, present and future?


LL Cool Joe said...

Happy birthday to you! I, like yourself, never pictured myself as an older person, so I'm amazed I'm still alive. I spend too much time reflecting on life as it is.

Star said...

In grade school a teacher had us figure out how old we would be at the turn of the century . Forty five sounded ancient then. Now it sounds young.

Maybe you could read to children at a local daycare, or library or school ?