Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Post-Surgical Friend

Last week, a new friend here in our neighborhood asked if I would be able to pick her up after surgery, assuming she didn't have to stay overnight. I said yes, of course, thinking it would be during daylight hours. 

Her surgery was Friday and she called me at 5 pm asking if I could come and get her at 6:00. Now never mind that it was during very heavy traffic (especially heavy on Friday) but it would be getting dark within 20 minutes or so. My family does not like it if I drive at night - even though I have assured them that I am fine as long as I know the route well, and this one (of about 20 miles) is very familiar.

My husband made me call our daughter (who has lately become my mother)  and she insisted that she would drive and we could pick up my friend. She got here at 5:15, and we set out into heavy traffic. Because she is a very good and experienced driver (having lived in both Washington, DC and New York City) we arrived at the hospital at 5:56. My friend was waiting in a wheelchair accompanied by a nurse.

We made it home in record time, although traffic was still very heavy.  I am sure my friend was in pain, but she never complained. She declared she was very happy to be home and be able to sleep in her own bed! 

I called her on Saturday and took a container of homemade bean soup.  Today I have made vegetable beef soup, so I will, no doubt, take her some of that as well.


Celia said...

You are a good friend and kudos to your daughter too.

Christy McKinney said...

I hate driving at night, but sometimes we must. Such a good friend to drop everything an help. It's been a while since I went blog hopping, but back on the webernets and found my way here through Sage. Happy blogging! - Kontan, Happytcher, just McKinney now.

Granny Annie said...

We are blessed to have daughters willing to become our mothers.