Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Dental Appointment from Hell

Jim had a 2 pm appointment today on the other side of Cary, about 10 miles away. It is an area with which we are not familiar, so daughter 2 took time out of her very busy work day to be our chauffeur. Jim was not certain that I'd be able to find it - even with GPS barking out the directions.  

I think he was right, since when we reached the office park, even daughter could not find his office. The buildings were partly obscured by trees and shrubs, and the signage was too small to be deciphered easily. Adding insult to injury,  the numbers on the buildings were not consecutive. It made us wonder how many cocktails the developer had had when he sat down to number them on the blueprints - before building them.  We had to call the office and get step by step instructions in order to find it. 

Of course, we mentioned it to the office staff, who all said we were not the first people to complain. 

As I said, the appointment was for 2 pm.  We did not see the oral surgeon until 3:17. He had new x-rays taken, and then we talked with his delightful employee, who was half Korean. We did not mention "Rocket Man" to her; wisely, I think. We talked of cats and small apartments. 

As the doc examined  Jim, the one tooth extraction we thought was coming turned into 3 teeth being pulled (at some point in the future).  YIKES!   When you are older, and teeth break easily at the slightest provocation, it boggles the mind to find out that three more have to be extracted.  Of course, one of those is already broken, and really needs to come out. I question why the other two must be removed too.

Getting older is not for the faint of heart!!

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