Tuesday, July 19, 2016

We're Having a Heat Wave.....and bits and pieces....

Dear Lord, it is hot. Too hot. Every day it is in the mid to high 90's and getting hotter by the weekend. Our utility bills will be untenable.....and August will not be any better. 

That giant thistle in my front yard is over 7 feet tall. It was supposed to be removed by the yard service last week, but they didn't do it, and now, all the blooms are maturing. We have so many fuzzy seeds floating around that I fear I will find 100's of thistle plants next year. They are supposed to be good for bees and birds - but I never saw any bees nor birds on or around it. 

I have slacked off on exercising  (partly due to the heat,) but I must get my rear in gear, so to speak.  My fat pants are rapidly becoming too small. The water aerobics class wants me to participate, but I can't do that in addition to the machines in the gym. I like the gym and using the water afterward to cool down. That has been my way off and on for years. I know the water aerobics is good for you, but not my style.

My first daughter had a birthday this past week, and we went to Pinehurst for dinner with the family.  I mis-read a text regarding the time for dinner, and thought it was for 7 pm. At about 4:15, we found out that dinner was set for 5:30  (for 7 people). Have you ever seen two old people rushing as fast as they can to get dressed?  It was comical, I am sure. Luckily we had both had showers by then.  Younger daughter picked us up and took us there, thank Heaven.  It is an hour and 15 minutes away. We were only 30 minutes late.  :-(  But dinner was excellent!  It was at the Ironwood Cafe.  If you ever find yourself in Pinehurst, I recommend you try the Ironwood. The lobster bisque was delicious, as was my catfish and bacon-wrapped asparagus. My daughters had lobster tails and filets and pronounced them wonderful!

After dinner, we went to her home and met the two newest cats in the family; Luna and Sol, both of whom were sweet and pretty kitties.  The two dogs, Bojangles and Snoop Doggy have accepted them and they all get along well, I am told. 

If Moppet doesn't behave herself, I may throw her into the mix and see what happens.....LOL


Star said...

Stay cool Judy !

robin andrea said...

Sorry to hear about the hot weather there. Hope things cool down soon.

Granny Annie said...

The heat here is unbearable also. I can't go anywhere because I have to wear my wig and it is too hot. Sweat drips down my head. It is awful. Last night I missed an important event at the lake because it was at 6 PM and I could not even dream of going out. So what am I doing today? Bringing home a puppy!!! Yikes!!! At least my dogs won't care if I wear my wig or not. Glad you made it to the dinner in time and I did enjoy picturing you and Jim trying to get ready. LOL