Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Voting in a New Precinct

After we moved, I went to the DMV to change the address on my license, and they asked if I wanted to change my voting precinct. Of course, I did want to - and set it in motion. After a bit, I received a new registration card, with the address of our new poling place location. It is on a country road in Chatham Co., in a small church.

Since I cannot drive yet, our daughter took me there. She saw, at the end of a line of handicap parking spaces, a tiny sign saying "curbside voting."  Since I have a handicap plaque, I am entitled to curbside voting - getting to skip the long lines - YAY!!

As we pulled in the spot, a lady in the car next to us said "Be prepared to sit here for a very long time."  I replied, "Oh, really?"  and then she said " I've been here for 30 minutes; they only have one woman working the outdoor area, and she is extremely slow."

So we were surprised when not a minute later, a woman approached the car and asked which of us needed to vote. Immediately, the woman in the car next door started hollering about having been there for a long time, so the polling woman walked over to her car and informed her she was parked in the wrong spot for curbside voting  (indicating where we were as being the proper spot.) She was in a handicapped spot, but there was (oddly enough) only one spot for curbside voting.

We told her to take care of the other woman first, but she was able to do both of us simultaneously - which was great!!

Jim had to go to our last polling place, since he has not changed his address with
DMV. He had also forgotten that he is still registered with a party for whom he has not voted in many years. He told them that, and when they brought his ballot, he remarked...."I don't want to vote for any of these people." Of course, he had no choice in the matter, so he voted for the lesser of several evils. I told him that when he changes his address, he should remember to change his registration as well.

Never a dull minute around here.


Granny Annie said...

You were nice to ask them to help the other lady vote first even though she was parked wrong.

robin andrea said...

It must feel great to have your primary vote cast and counted. We have to wait until June here in California. Can't wait to see who is still on the ballot by then.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Poor Jim.....talk about a Rock And A Hard Place! (lol)
Nothing is easy any more, is it? And no one knows what they are doing or cares. I'm glad you were able to get taken care of in a timely fashion, my dear. I do all my voting by "Absentee Ballot"....it's wonderful! You just mail it in and you are done. Do they have that in N.C.?

sage said...

Nice gesture of encouraging the worker to take care of the other woman first. This was the first election where there were no real good choices in either party, in my opinion

Pat said...

Surely I have misunderstood? You are not allowed to not vote?