Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Arm Slings, Broken Teeth, a Book and a Movie

The arm sling given to me in the hospital ER is a pain in the a$$, so to speak.

Here is a message to the company that manufactures arm slings:

Can you make them of some cotton fabric, so that they don't burn you up like the fires of hell, even on a cool day? The basic color (blue) is fine, but the edging (white) is a ridiculous choice for something that has to be worn for weeks on end. It is so hard to keep it looking clean.  The strap is lined with foam, and I understand it is to make it more comfortable. But it also "catches" on everything I wear under it, and grabs my hair and pulls it like a small baby who is learning the use of his/her hands. I cannot free my hair from its grasp without some considerable effort; picking them out one by one, and even then, it is difficult. 

The sling fabric is somewhat silky; making it hard to keep in place - even when worn over a shirt or robe. I am forever repositioning it, which hurts my shoulder.

GAH!!!  I pray to God that I never break another clavicle!! 

You may remember that I recently broke a tooth. Last night was Jim's turn. We were eating corned beef and cabbage, so it's hard to see what would make the tooth break off at the gum line, unless it was already cracked.  It will necessitate a trip to the dentist. My new one is close to our neighborhood, but Jim has not been there yet. I am sure they will have to remove the remaining part of the tooth, and will probably suggest an implant  (haha) or a bridge. Yikes - getting old is not for sissies - as they say.

I think I have already recommended this book before, but it is so good that I feel the need to put it out there again.  "The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto", written by Mitch Albom, is one of the best books I have read in the last five years. You will really like it if you play a music instrument, can read music or just love music of all types.  It follows a person (Frankie) from birth to death - and it is an interesting life that takes Frankie to many corners of the world, meeting all kinds of people - especially musicians. I recommend it!!

A movie we saw this weekend on TV is called Win Win. I had never heard of it, but I am surely glad we watched it.  I think it will appeal to anyone who has or had the care of an older person, the care of a young person who is not your birth child, if you have money troubles, and if you feel strongly about staying in your family home as you get older.  Check it out - you'll be glad you did. 


rosemary said...

Troubles come in threes I've heard....so, you have reached your maximum limit! Good assessment of the sling! Feel better, Judy. Rest and nap with your kitten

Arkansas Patti said...

Judy, you have just got to stop physically beating yourself up. Mercy. Sure hope you have run through your yearly allotment of ailments by now. May your hubbies tooth be a quick and easy fix. Take care and be gentle.

sage said...

Sorry to hear of your collective troubles. I Hope things improve quickly

Granny Annie said...

I think your review of the arm sling was excellent and should be forwarded to someone who can make a change. I immediately looked for WIN WIN and found it on Amazon for $12.99 rental or order DVD for $5. Yikes! Cannot understand why it is not on Netflix since it came out in 2011. Reviews are excellent and story sounds great.

Celia said...

I hope you have smoother sailing from now on. Kind of a rough entry into spring. The film sounds interesting. Not likely to pay $12.99 to see it though. It will show up sooner or later if I last long enough. :-)