Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thanks to Family - My Garage is Cleaned Out!!

Before I broke my collarbone, I was looking forward to warm weather, so I could get into the garage and do some sorting and storing. Warm weather arrived, but it didn't do me much good, as I can't use my left arm. However, today, two of my children, a son-in-law and a granddaughter helped do it all. 

I think my son-in-law is like my mom - in that both of them could pack $10 worth of anything into  thimble.  Here is the garage now:
Finally, everything is out of the middle of the floor. Finally the extra fridge can be plugged in and used to catch the overflow from the house fridge. YAY! Finally, I can park my van inside!

It's too bad that I deleted the pics of the garage when it looked like Sanford and Son's; but you might not have believed your eyes anyway. 

Part of what helped today is that the neighborhood sponsored a drive to get home furnishings donated to the less fortunate.  We had three or four pieces of furniture, a lamp, bedding and decorative items and it was all picked up today at 10:30 am. The children and our granddaughter went to work soon after that and by dinner time, it was all clean, mostly sorted and some things stored in the attic. 

I will be forever grateful to the five of them for helping me!!  


tiff said...


redondowriter said...

What a great gift for you from your family. My garage looks nothing like yours. I'm still storing stuff for all 3 of my adult kids and two of my adult grandkids.

Granny Annie said...

Only a really good mama gets help like that from her kids:-)

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Celia said...

What a great family, all of you. Beautiful job!

robin andrea said...

They did a fantastic job! Looks great!