Thursday, October 08, 2015

Moppet and "the fetch"

My kitten, Moppet, loves to play fetch. She has a green "ball", made of soft, flexible plastic with a small rope attached. Yesterday, we played fetch with it off and on all day long. I thought she'd never get tired. But eventually, she quit playing and I couldn't see the ball anywhere. 

Fast forward to when I went upstairs to bed. I entered my closet to get my nightgown and sitting there on the floor, in my yellow rubber shoes, was Moppet's ball. I guess she wanted to make sure I saw it. I left it there, and at 7:04 this morning, she dropped it on the bed - with a pleading look in her eyes - "Please play with me again, mom."

I've created a monster.....LOL

1 comment:

OldLady Of The Hills said...

She sounds delightful!!! Tiring, but, Such Fun! And she is so smart!!!