Wednesday, October 07, 2015

AAA and the "Hangry MAN"

On Sunday, my daughter noticed that my left rear tire was low. Of course, I forgot to have it seen about - but it was raining and I was already tired. I didn't look at the tire on Monday morning, but we drove to the hospital to do our exercises. When we were done, a woman approached me as I was backing out and told me that my tire was almost flat and the air was too low to drive on it. 

So I called AAA and tried to explain where I was parked. I was at the rear of the hospital, in a lot used by people who are doing cardiac rehab. Jim was just sure that the AAA man would not be able to find us, and he was very concerned and also "hangry". Do you know that new term?  A person who gets angry when he is hungry. I think Jim is the reason for the invention of that term. So I had to go back into the hospital to find the Au Bon Pain and get some lunch for us. I asked for directions, but I got lost and by the time I bought the food and walked back to the car, I had walked nearly half a mile - in addition to my exercising that morning - where I had added five minutes on the treadmill to my usual routine. Talk about tired!!

I  had just finished my sandwich  (turkey club) when the AAA guy called and said he was five minutes away. I once again explained where we were. Jim reiterated his thought that the guy would not find us - but he was wrong - because fewer than five minutes passed and the guy drove up behind us. 

He looked at my tire and said "all it needs is some air."  He checked it for nails or other objects, but could find nothing, so he filled the tire and told me to go someplace to have it checked for holes.  We told him we thought he would have trouble finding us, and he said "my wife had our baby here and this is where we parked, so I knew exactly where you were." 

Oh, Jim  - Ye of little faith - you were so wrong.    LOL

I drove to the station that takes care of my car, and they couldn't find anything wrong with my tire. I asked why it would happen to only one tire, and the guy said that a change in the weather can cause one or more tires to lose air.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.  Thank God for AAA. I don't have to call them often, but whenever I do, I am so grateful that I have that service available. 


LL Cool Joe said...

Or it can be a slight dent or crack in the alloy which is letting some air out. You should get the garage to check that out if it goes down again. We had a tyre that kept going down slightly but they couldn't see a nail or anything in it and it turned out that we had a dent in the metal rim that was causing the the tyre not to be sealed properly.

kenju said...

Thanks for the tip, Joey, if it loses air again, I will certainly have that checked out.

Celia said...

Glad you and your hangry guy got rescued. AAA has saved me more than once. Maybe they could bring sandwiches too.

Granny Annie said...

I have been a member of AAA forever and have rarely used their services but when I needed them they were great. Hangry is my favorite new word. Since I have been watching what I eat so carefully it is even more important that I eat at regular times. If I cannot then I really get "hangry". LOL

Diane Dahli said...

AAA, ambulances, your local handyman, people we couldn't live without. Oh, yes, the computer girl, I forgot her! The older we get, the more we need these helpful services. Bless them! Life is too short to spend half the day "fix'in things!