Friday, April 03, 2015

Cardiac Rehab #30

Today's output:

25 minutes on the Nu-Step machine.

30 bicep curls

30 lateral arm raises

15 wall push-ups

10 reps on the seated row machine

Boy am I tired - but also proud of myself. When I started rehab in January, I could barely eke out 5 minutes on any machine. A problem remains, though.  I was expected to lose 10-12 pounds during the 36 visits to rehab. As of today, I have gained 3. Yikes.


tiff said...

Muscle weighs more than fat...

Pat said...

So you should be proud of yourself.
I have found whenever I have had an injury which limits my mobility I always gained weight. In spite of the exercises etc one isn't doing one's normal chores.
All will be well as you get back to normal.

robin andrea said...

Wow! You have truly had a wonderful recovery. Quite impressive numbers. And I like what tiff said about muscle weight.

Star said...

Sounds like you are getting into great shape !

oklhdan said...

Way to go Judy! The weight will come off as your stamina increases.