Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Shower gone Awry

I went into the bathroom yesterday; and turned the shower on. Water flew everywhere - to the ceiling and the walls and the glass doors. I turned it off as quickly as possible, but not before inundating my robe and hair. 

I looked up at the big shower head and it was hanging by a "thread" from the pipe. Apparently, the cleaning woman who was here on Friday (her first time) messed it up and failed to tell me it might be a problem. If she spoke English, I would call her and complain. 

So I went into another bathroom to get my shower. I called my daughter, who is my landlady, and asked if my son-in-law could take a look at it. Either that or I would call a plumber and also have him install the new kitchen faucet, which I have had for months. 

They came over this morning and he fixed the shower head; putting new tape on the joint, so it should be fine for a good while. Isn't it nice to have a relative who can do things for you?  I am really grateful to Ed for the help! But the faucet remains.....and I am getting anxious for the new one, which is much easier to work than the old one. I guess I'll have to call a plumber after all. 


Star said...

Plumbing is our Waterloo so to speak. I am blessed with a handy hubby so when I have to pay for something to be done I often have severe sticker shock. Just had a slow running drain turn into a major bill !

robin andrea said...

Yes, it is wonderful to have family members who know how to do plumbing. Roger has fixed so many things, even here in our crazy old rental. He always says, "Water is the bane of my existence." LOL!

Pat said...

You are so lucky Judy. I have just had a leaking first floor radiator and nobody locally could help so the wall underneath was sopping and stained. Thank goodness my cleaner has now given me the name of a local heating engineer

millie garfield said...

When I was living in a condo had a new cleaning person come to work for me. The next day I took a shower and when I was through - could not open the shower door. I was wearing an alarm unit (the kind you see advertised ( I have fallen and can't get up)
Used it, but keep trying to open the door because I was naked!!! It was difficult but I finally got it open before they arrived!!! ;-)

Celia said...

Plumbers get a lot of my money. Right after I moved into a condo all the faucets started leaking. Seems like each place has it's watery problems.

Ginnie said...

I know it's not funny, Judy, but envisioning you getting doused did bring a smile to my face !