Thursday, April 23, 2015

A very busy week!

Monday:  cardiac rehab, pro-time at the doc's office, grocery store.

Tuesday: Doc's appointment for my husband, then book club in the evening. I took roasted asparagus with a lemon-garlic sauce. 

Wednesday:  Lunch with a former co-worker at Brio, chair massages later.

Thursday:  A visit to an open symphony rehearsal, where we heard "Appalachian Spring" and several other  new pieces. An added highlight was that the composers of several pieces were in the music hall , and were introduced to the group. Later, we had lunch at Caffe Luna, and we were joined by the symphony conductor, Grant Lewellyn. Grant and I ate scallops with penne and spinach. The second photo down shows a group of high school students enjoying the performance. Our visit to the symphony was organized by my former next-door-neighbor, Kerstin, and we couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity!


Beverly said...

It sounds like a busy week...some pleasure mixed in with all the duties.

sage said...

Sounds busy but with some nice aspects--especially listening to a performance of Appalachian Spring

Ginnie said...

I don't call that busy, Judy. I'd say you are darn lucky to be in such good company and to enjoy lots of good food too ! I'm jealous...

Nancy said...


I love roasted asparagus but it never turns out very well.

Someday please print your recipe for it, which I am sure is very good.