Thursday, September 18, 2014

Too Many chairs

About six months ago, I bought a recliner from a big-box store.
It looked great and it was on sale - so I ordered it. It is a really nice looking chair and if all I needed it for was to fill space, and seat guests, it would be good. However, I need to prop up my legs when I sit and while this chair filled all the requirements for that - it was holy hell to get the footboard back down. I think you'd have to be a 350 pound muscle man to be able to push that footboard down and have it stay in place. I surely couldn't do it; I had to push it with all my strength about 2-3 times before it would catch. My previous recliner, a Lazyboy, had a handle with which you could easily put control the footboard, so I decided I had to replace this chair with a Lazyboy. 

Last Sunday, daughter two texted that a local store had advertised recliners on sale and when I looked at the ad, there was the handle on the side of the chair!  I don't usually shop on Sunday, but this ad was calling my name. The chair in the ad that I responded to was "out of stock."  How can you advertise something in the Sunday paper and be out of it by noon of the same day???  I decided that it smelled of "loss leader" to me, which is where something inexpensive is advertised and not available, so you may relent and buy something for more money. Of course, the salesman said I could order it, but I know better than to buy furniture that I cannot test out first!! Do they think I was born yesterday? 

Another chair they had in stock was also on sale - for double the cost of the other chair - but it was a genuine Lazyboy and had the handle I craved. The salesman looked it up on the computer; first he said it didn't come in that color any longer, and he could get it in a lighter brown and delivery would be on 9-30, because they have to order one from the factory.  I decided to think about it, and I got in the car and drove to the local nearby Lazyboy store to see their stock and check prices. Yikes......their stuff was beautiful and I saw lots of chairs I'd like, but their prices were unacceptable. I'm sure they would tell me that their stock is higher quality than what I's seen elsewhere, but I didn't give them a chance. I high-tailed it out of there and back to the other store - stopping for lunch on the way. After pondering over a chicken sandwich and a soda, I decided to buy it. 

This time the salesman looked it up again and discovered the same chair IS available in dark brown (it is called something else in that color - whyever that is) and delivery will be 9-18, since they already have one in the warehouse. He didn't inspire much confidence, but YAY...
here it is, in place and I love it. This chair has much better lumbar support than the other one; so much so that I don't need a throw pillow, which is good. And it is very easy to recline and return to upright position.

A sidelight:  The salesman gave me his card and I immediately recognized his name, as having been the guy who previously sold us wall ovens and a stove top about 5 years ago. Back then he was listed as "Appliance Specialist" and he did a good job of it and seemed enthusiastic. When I mentioned to him that he had sold appliances to us before, his reaction was......nothing. 

Wouldn't you think he'd say something.... such as "How's that working for you?" or "Have you enjoyed them?" But I got nuttin'! This time, his card says he is a "Sleep Specialist"  (mattresses) and he was definitely not enthusiastic about selling recliners. He had left that department and had to be called back for me twice during the day.  Maybe it just wasn't enough commission for him, but his poor attitude, and his slip-shod way of looking things up on the computer and getting info wrong does not sit well with me. I wanted to say something to the store manager, but I waited until the chair was delivered and set up before doing so. I think I'll send them this blog post.....and hope it does some good.......but I doubt it.

Oh and the title?  Too many we have four recliners. Granted one is in the garage and will be moved out before long, and the first recliner is slated to be returned to the big-box store soon. I was afraid that they wouldn't take it back after half a year, but they said they have had a lot of complaints about that chair and they will accept it. YAY!


Gilly said...

Furniture salesmen too often seem to have a "take it or leave it" attitude these days. I wandered round a store looking for something particular (forgotten what it was now!) and no one came to ask if |I needed any help or advice. So I walked out again! I had an old recliner, but it took up a huge amount of space and dominated the room. So now we bought two very comfortable leather easy chairs, and I use a cube-shaped pouffe (in bright scarlet!!) for my legs.

Celia said...

Glad you found the right chair. It seems no one keeps much in stock any longer. More economical to order than stock a warehouse but don't they realize they lose sales to those who are more accommodating.

Granny Annie said...

You have some of the most unbelievable experiences. Glad you finally go the chair you desire. I am on a hunt myself for the perfect recliner.

Arkansas Patti said...

It wasn't easy but you finally got what you wanted and how neat is it that the first store will take the other one back for a refund. I'd say a good day.

Peruby said...

My brother says all his lazy boy handles break after some use. Good luck with yours.

Anonymous said...

You might complain about the salesman, but, hey, you did buy the chair,even returning to the store to do so. I'd say he did his job. If I was his employer, I'd be quite happy with his work.

Good luck with your recliner. We've never owned one but instead have the stressless chairs with an ottoman.