Tuesday, December 04, 2012

NC Governor's Mansion Christmas Decor 2012

Library wreaths  (Pam Hartigan)

Grand Staircase  (18 bows - Judy Carrino)

Foyer right - Judy Carrino

Sun Room  Children's Tree - volunteers - all ornaments made by NC school children

The penguin family resides under the staircase this year. 

Library Mantel  -  Mel Day  - Education Theme. Decor includes mortar boards and diplomas.

Gentlemen's Parlor - volunteers  (Sandra Day)

Detail from the dining room table - Mel Day

Foyer left - Judy Carrino

Porch steps - red bows - Judy and Pam
(about 60 of them altogether)

The Victorian Mansion with 2 of its 6' wreaths

Porch Decor   -Mel and Billy Day

Ladies Parlor desk - Pam Hartigan

Foyer right, at the base of the console table - Judy Carrino

Foyer left, console table - Judy Carrino

Gentlemen's Parlor Mantel - Mel Day

Gentlemen's Parlor Corner Table - Judy Carrino

Dining room table detail - Mel Day

Ladies Parlor - Judy Carrino

Hall Doors - Pam Hartigan

Hall China Cabinet - Pam Hartigan

Ladies Parlor Mantel - Mel Day

Ladies Parlor Tree - volunteers

Stair newel posts, one of a pair - Pam Hartigan

Dining Room Tablescape - Mel Day

Foyer rear, one of a pair - Judy Carrino

Library book cases (one of 3) - Pam Hartigan

I missed taking photos of the mantels that Mel did in the Grand Ballroom, and I will get those when I go there next week for a party. 


Celia said...

Beautiful, thanks for the peek. Loved the school kid decorated too!

Beverly said...

With all of that work, is the mansion open for tours during the season?

It's all very lovely.

Ginnie said...

This is where you really shine, Judy. I wish I could affor to have you decorate my little abode!

Arkansas Patti said...

You totally amaze me. Wonderful job and pictures. Loved them all but liked your piece in the ladies parlor best.
Just a great big WOW for the total job.

kenju said...

Thanks, All, and yes, the Mansion is open for tours on Dec. 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, at various times.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Everything looks Sooo very Beautiful Judy. I particularly LOVE the Arrangements that you did...That large Red one looks like an Abstract Peacock...AMAZING!
And I am very partial to Penquins, so it is wonderful to see this dear Family...!
So happy you posted all of this pictures, my dear...It really brings the Christmas Spirit right into my house in such a lovely and creative way...!

Anonymous said...

It's really stunning, Judy. I can see why you love working this time of year!

Pat said...

Love them all especially the Ladies Parlour one you did.

Granny Annie said...

Do the citizens get to tour the mansion? I can just hear all the oohs and ahas.

Star said...

Beautiful Judy. It seems like there is even more than usual ?

Eloit and Linda Johnson said...

Did a wonderful job, beautiful arrangements, and makes the place look like Christmas is here.

Grannymar said...

They look great.

joared said...

Spectacular decorations -- yours are especially so! I'm surprised you were still standing after so many hours as you described in the previous post.

Gilly said...

Those are really beautiful, all of you have worked so hard. It must be wonderful to decorate such a gorgeous mansion, though hard work with 18 bows on the stairs and I forgot how many on the outside steps - an awful lot, anyway.

I would love to tour the mansion, but we do have our own stately home near here. I went one year, the theme was cream and green, and it all looked wonderful, especially with carol singers!

But I like yours best, Judy!