Saturday, December 08, 2012

I just awoke from an odd dream. That'll teach me to nap in my chair when I'm trying to watch the  HGTV show about Christmas decorating at The White House. 

I was with a man and 3 children - my family in the dream, but not the ones in real life - and we got "home" (or so we thought.) The house looked nothing like it ought to inside, and when we looked out the windows, the neighborhood had different houses than we expected to see.  It was weird. 

We couldn't decide what to do, so we went through the house looking for something familiar. Nothing there belonged to us. Finally deciding that we had to leave and walk around until we found our "real" house, I told them to look through all the dresser drawers to see if we could find warm socks and blankets, since we would need them if we went back outside. 

Whomever lived there didn't have socks of any kind! Who doesn't own socks, except maybe people in the desert? Darned if I know. We looked and looked, but we found nothing we could use and nothing that was familiar to us. 

I remember thinking, after looking out the window and seeing the rear neighbor's brick wall had crumbled, that it was "tearing down our property values." Just then I awoke, and one of those real estate shows was on HGTV.....and someone on that show said those words.....LOL   


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Strange and very interestimg dream...No Sox! Amazing! I've always heard that the content of dreams is not as important as HOW any particular dream made you feel....

Celia said...

Love hearing about other people's dreams. I used to sleep with the radio on until I realized what it did to the content of my dreams. Late night talk shows, ewhh! May Santa bring you some socks, I'd suggest Smartwool! ;-)

Bernie said...

This is really, and I mean REALLY, odd... Perhaps, you were in another life, forward perhaps, or maybe back? AND, was it cold outside, or if warm, perhaps you were here in Australia??

And, I must admit, I do not own very many socks at all!! Sure, I have some, mainly for work, but thats about it! Otherwise, its barefoot (around the house) or wearing thongs (yes yes, we call them thongs as opposed to 'flip flops' here :D )

But such an interesting read!!!

Ginnie said...

Hi Judy: just wanted to tell you that I went to a nice luncheon yesterday and one of the women was raving about the Christmas decorations at the Governors mansion. I felt very special to be able to say that I was personally in touch with one of the decorators....were your ears burning???
PS; I, too, had to close out the "anonymous" on my blog due to the Spam that was overwhelming... but I can't bring myself to put the ident thing ...I think I won't get many comments but that's OK.