Monday, October 30, 2006

Edited below!
More scenes of the area surrounding Trevi Fountain.

Jay asked if it was always this crowded. I think it must be, since it is one of the first places that visitors to Rome want to see. The Spanish Steps are always crowded, as is the Colosseum, the Vatican, St.Peter's and all the major churches.

Most of these people were tourists, but I think some of them must have been locals who were out on their lunch hour. That day the weather was perfect, and everyone who could be was outside.
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srp said...

We didn't have time to go the fountain but it is gorgeous.

I love that cat on your table.... I plan on sitting in the side yard and guarding my pumpkin patch tomorrow night. These are really slow to mature.

srp said...

Wow! Creme Brulee..... my favorite coffee flavor.... Mr. Kenju did a good job for your birthday!

Star said...

Thereare so many people everywhere. Are they all tourists?

Jay said...

These crowds make me feel a little claustrophobic just looking at the pictures - was it like this everywhere?

bluemountainmama said...

my hubby would be soooo jealous! he's italian- his grandparents came over on the boat, but he has never gone back to the homeland. we'll go someday, hopefully! when were you there?

Shephard said...

Yeah, I think when you visit Rome, you expect it to be a City (capital C), just like New York. I don't even think of NYC as crowded. I just think of it as NYC. Maybe I'll remember that when I visit Rome, too.
Those photos are beautiful. You def. had the weather with you. :)