Monday, October 30, 2006

The Vatican and Fontana Di Trevi

Top photo: Rome from a window in the Vatican Museum.

Second: a view to the garden surrounding the Vatican Museum, and a few more of those trees I liked.

Third and Fourth: Trevi Fountain, scene of so many movies and TV shows. This fountain dates from 1732, and is located at the convergence of three streets. In movies, it appears to be a much larger area. The fountain itself is quite large, but the surrounding area is very small.

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vicki said...

Happy Happy Birthday (day after) Judy! I love the Favorite Things- that's just grand. What's scary is that woman is only 14 years older than me- here I thought she was WAY older. Sounds as though you enjoyed a fine family birthday.

I continue to enjoy the pictures of your trip!

Claude said...

Keep the photos coming! I haven't been in Rome since I was 18! You're making me want to return. I'm sure I threw a coin in the Trevi fountain, so it should happen one of these days

ET said...

Again, great photos!
Unfortunately, Dan Brown has distorted my mind concerning the Vatican. I am reminded of Da Vinci and chase scenes every time I see something to do with the Vatican.

Jay said...

These are incredible - and neat point of view from the window.

Wordnerd said...

What wonderful shots! Keep 'em coming!

Sue said...

I am enjoying all the pictures of this beautiful area!

mar said...

Did you throw a coin in the fountain? it's the way to make sure you will come back to this wonderful city!
Enjoying your pics and descriptions!

Jemima said...

There's a really great salon off of the Spanish haircut EVER, bar none.

I wish I could remember the name of this fabulous jazz club I went to for new years a couple of years ago. Will think on it and get back to you. jealous. I wish I were in Rome. So many truffles. So much wine. (shivers with remembered glee)

Seamus said...

Wow! I'm having to catch up here!

1st and foremost - Happy Birthday!!!

2nd - Happy Halloween!

3rd - the Julie Andrews piece is priceless! :)

...and I'm still lovin' the personal tour of Rome!!! :D

Jamie Dawn said...

I scrolled down several posts to do some catching up with you. I would love to see St. Peter's Basilica. You got to see so many wonderful and famous sites.
I'm glad you enjoyed a fun birthday with your favorite kind of cake.
Your Halloween table looks great!
Have some chocolate. Happy Halloween!!

utenzi said...

Happy Halloween, Judy. Those are lovely pictures from your trip.

Shephard said...

Gotta see that fountain some day. :)
Did you toss in a coin so you'd come back?


Terri said...

Lovely photos...and the size reminds me when I was in Brussels...I couldn't believe how TINY Manniken Pis was! Quite

Carolyn said...

It's all about the view, and these are priceless!!