Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Matchless Memorabilia ~ 2

See the post below for answers to the display questions!
More of my
matchbook collection:

Roebling's Bar and Grill in NYC Seaport, Fulton Market. A very busy place on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant, in Miami Beach. World reknown for their fresh seafood and nearly impossible to get a reservation!

The Sheraton Twin-Towers in Orlando. We stayed here during a trade show my husband had to work for his business. This is the place I blogged about finding the xxx-rated magazines under the pull-out bed. Nasty!

The Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World - Tobacconist, on Main Street, USA. My hubs says he thinks they do not sell tobacco products at Disney World anymore, so maybe this is a real collector's item, or will be soon.

Calidad Imperial - Viajeros - Bellezas de Peru. I don't know where I got this or who gave it to me. The box says "Valle de Urubamba. Republica del Peru. Bello panorama de la tierra de los Incas....." . I can translate enough to think that means... "A beautiful panorama of the land of the Incas".......I have never been to South America, but I hope to go eventually.

Averof Restaurant in Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. My hubs must have gotten this one. I have never been to Boston. The box says they have belly dancing; that would have been incentive for hubs to go!

West Virginia.......Land for Relaxation. The reverse says: "Investments Unlimited. Write WV Dept. of Commerce, State Capitol, Charleston, WV 25305, for factual data on travel development, industrial location services and economic growth factors." Many people make light of WV, but it is those who have never been there who do it. The mountains and vistas in WV are truly majestic and awe-inspiring......Almost Heaven!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I just love all these Matchbooks Judy..Hope you will keep showing us more...I was not familiar with any of these places and it's like taking a wonderful tour of many places from your point of view...except that Boston one, of course! (lol)

Peter said...

Jud, Judy, Judy, is there a collectable item which you don't have a collection of?

Peter said...

Is that a fact Judy, can you supply me with a list of names???

Shannon said...

mornin' from Michele's!

colleen said...

I thought about collecting matchbooks once, but never got around to it. I collect cobalt blue mugs from places I've been to, but I only have about 6 of them, starting the collection only in the last few years. My sons still have a pretty valuable baseball card collection. If you wait long enough, every thing becomes valuable.

Uisce said...

wow, that's a really neat way to display a collection!

mar said...

Nice collection and so wonderfully displayed here! My sister used to collect these, should ask her if she still does. I have a collection I am sure you don't have!! a post will be published next year as I am running out of time and leaving in 4 days for another 15 days...!!!

vicki said...

If you keep this up Judy I'm going to start taking pictures of my hotel sewing kit memorabilia. You have the best collections. And reading back to play catch-up I laughed at the gift wrapping post. In the early days of my first marriage when I was doing that thing of bemoaning the burden of Christmas bourne by me and me alone I ended by shrieking: "the least you could do is wrap some of these presents for your family!" He wrapped a family tree sampler I had worked on for 6 months for his parents in Snoopy paper and then he wrapped the Legos in Metropolitan Museum designer gift wrap. So- another lesson learned. :-)

srp said...

Did the hubby actually get the matchbox in Boston at the belly dancer thing or did he find it where someone else had gone to the actual place.

This would be like me when I realized I had a pen from the Kosciusko, MS stockyards. How I ever got that, I will never know. Never been to the place, never heard of it before seeing it on the pen in hand. Oh, well!

Love these collections..I am serious about you writing the Antique Road Show. I think they've been in Raleigh or Durham before.