Monday, December 19, 2005

Matchbook Display

To answer your questions, I keep the matches in a large glass container, atop the refrigerator. My mom had this glass container that looks like a barrel, complete with handle. I keep the matches in that all the time, but now that it is full, I will either have to look for a larger container or figure out a new way to display them.

I saw a display once, that consisted of a felt-lined frame with small dowels running across it horizontally. He folded the matchbooks around the dowels and they hung there in the frame. That works fine for folding matches, but some of mine are in boxes and I haven't figured out how that would work unless I use only the box tops.

Anyone have any ideas?


Jamie Dawn said...

No ideas here. You're the creative one!

I like the Joe's Crab one a lot. It looks neat.

Hale McKay said...

You can still go with the dowel idea. Simply run thin crafting wire through the box top - box would still slip inside. Wrap the two ends of the wire around the dowel. Fishing line or heavy thread would work too, but you'd have to tie off each end. Plus this would allow you to play with symmetry by situating them atop and under the dowel.
...Just a thought!

Mike Ashley said...

The dowel idea can work with the boxes too. Simply run thin craft wire through the box cover, and this should allow the box to slide into the cover. Next wrap the two ends onto the dowel. You could also use thin thread or fishing line except you'd have to tie the ends. You could even practice symmetry by placing some boxes atop the dowel and some under it.
....Just a thought.

Deana said...

I keep my match books too! We have a ton, after we were married I purchased a large "display box" from Pottery Barn that I drop them in, or actually stick some to the back for a better look. I also keep my ticket stubs, etc in there. Its always fun at a glance to remember those fun places.