Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Thanks to Suzanne at Words Rock.......

Thanks to the wonderful Suzanne at Words Rock, I will now receive all my comments in the correct email box. YOU ROCK, Suzanne!

I'm off to the dentist with my husband, whose jaw looks like he may have stuffed 3-4 chipmunks in it. Seems he was told 6 months ago that he needed a root canal, but he ignored the warning and now he is paying dearly, in more ways than one.
Wish me luck; I've written before about the perils of having a sick husband.

Update: The dentist says he should either have the tooth pulled or have a root canal and a crown. He has to take antibiotics today and call back tomorrow with his decision. There is not, of course, a good time for this kind of thing to happen, but this week is the worst, as a group he belongs to is having their annual expo Friday through Sunday. He started this group and is integral to its function, but they might have to get along without him this year. Actually, that might not be a bad thing - as some of the men might realize that they are capable of running the show without my hubby, instead of leaning on him for everything! See, there really is a silver lining to the storm cloud. At least that is what I tell myself daily.

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OldHorsetailSnake said...

Judge: It is not a "silver lining" when your hubby finds out he's not indispensable. This will make him grumpy and unlikely to take out the garbage.