Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It's Official.......I'm completely E-addicted!

It's now official: I am completely and totally addicted to the computer and more specifically to reading blogs. As if I really have time for all this. You guys simply have to stop writing such interesting stuff so I can get back to the other important aspects of life!

Since I am computer illerate and have NO clue how to make or get a blogroll, I have to do this the hard way. Choosing my very favorite blogs (out of the list of 52 in my favorites column) will be hard, but I think you ought to know whom I read everyday. Here goes:

onceadored.blogspot.com (formerly Rosie)

Thanks to all of you for the hours of pleasure, laughs and education you afford me each and every day. What ever did I do with my time before I discovered blogs?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Your list has 3 names that I read. So now I gotta work my way through your list to see what I'm missing. I hope not much, since I've already got 37 on my blogroll, plut 26 others that I read EVERY DAY. All play and no work makes....

Lala said...

I'd be happy to walk you through a blogroll session Kenju.
My Yahoo ID is annielaurie77. Join up and we can chat that way.
The old Horsetail will vouch for me!

Crock Pot Mom said...

Hi, Michele sent me!
I am impressed that you can even blogroll people! I am in the land of yours - now addicted, interested and enjoying the lives and thoughts of others immensely. However, inept with computerese. Blessings to you, my dear!

Angie said...

I have been surfing for something new to add to my reading list. I see 4 I currently read and will check out the others. Thank you.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

If we waste your time, then we have done our job well! ;-)

colleen said...

I'm so happy I made your list! I know what you mean about the addiction and also...Where will it end, it just keep building.I don't know how to do a blogroll either. I have someone I get to help me with it...but then I always feel like I'm putting him out and I'm always wanting to change it.

Zee said...

Easy! Go to Blogrolling.com
Sign up, they have both free and paid subscriptions. Very easy. Then, add me to your blogroll. ;o)

metten said...

You cut me deep Kenju...cut me deep.

metten said...

I was talking about my exclusion from your blog roll. Maybe you were saving me for your not-a-blog roll. No, it doesn't bother me that I look like Peter Griffin.

Weary Hag said...

Interesting not-blog-roll! I'll have to wait till I have about two free hours to check some of these out. Thanks for the tip!

ilona said...

Go to blogrolling.com and sign up for free service. Bookmark the page (ctrl D)
write down your password somewhere. Get the javascript with copy and paste, paste it in your sidebar somewhere before p id="powered-by" and after #sidebar -->
voila you have your blogroll. You should also get the little bookmarklet that you drag into your browser links, but you don't have to, just easier.

anyone who loves flowers is a lovely person ( I read that somewhere)

janey said...

I'm blog addicted too, is there a support group for us? Now I'm going to have to go through your list. I love to go through other people's favorites. And I'm going to try that meme you posted. And isn't Laurelines great.