Thursday, March 03, 2005

When I ask for orange - I really want orange.....

I am designing flowers for a big party this weekend, and I ordered hot-orange gerbera daisies. The guy at my wholesale florist co. called today and said that what he got from the grower was red. Why, in heaven's name would a grower send red if orange was what I ordered?? Well, I know why - they are hoping you'll decide you can use red after all. But this time I can't, so they had to order for overnight delivery from another grower, which puts me at least 1/2 day behind schedule. Plus, the hot pink lilies I ordered turned out to be a pale pink and the tulips, which were supposed to be medium pink were orangey pink. Sometimes it wouldn't matter to have this color difference, but this party is such that I need to stay within the proscribed color choices, in order to coordinate with the color of the linen.

"Roll with the punches" seems to be good advice for this situation, but I have a hard time dealing with incompetence or worse yet, people who obviously don't understand OR care why I have to have certain things.

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