Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It's a good thing

It's a good thing that I didn't make New Year's Resolutions, since I never keep them anyway. I did have a general idea, which pops up every January, that I need to start exercising again and lose the weight I piled on from Halloween through Christmas. I went for a while, but now I have a good excuse - my health club, which has been bought by another firm - is making a lot of improvements (they say) and the upshot of it is that the women's showers are closed for the next two weeks. Since I never go to the club without using the steam, hot tub and pool (they are my reward for working out!) I have to take a shower before I leave - and that means I cannot go there for at least 2 weeks. Bummer. Now my jeans will be tight for another month, or more. I guess I could try walking, but the idea never thrills me unless the weather is wonderful, or I am at the beach.

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