Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Baby has moved to the big city

My baby moved to Manhattan yesterday, and I am proud of her, excited for her and not sure of how I really feel about it all. Someone asked me today if I worried about her being so close to the site of the World Trade Center (she wil live 2 blocks from it), but as I replied, she lived about 2 miles from the Pentagon and worked on Pennsylvania Avenue until yesterday - so I guess NYC is no worse for security purposes.

She has always wanted to live where her father grew up, and so when the opportunity arose, she took that bull by the horns. When cruising the web looking for apartments to rent, she found a promising one and called the currrent resident. That woman was moving to the DC area, but wanted to live in Arlington. Guess what - that is where my daughter lived. So on the weekend when my daughter went to NYC to see apts., that woman was in DC looking at hers.
My daughter did rent that apartment, taking over the 6 months left in the lease. That way, if she is unhappy in that location, she can always move six months from now. I am told that the apartment is half the size of the one in Arlington - at twice the price. I really hope she decides it is worth it to live in such a small space. Luckily, her office is only 2 blocks from her new apartment. She also found out that both the office and the apartment are on the same subway line, so if the weather is bad, she will not need to go outdoors. That is one big plus in comparison to DC, where she spent half her life on the Metro. Tune in often, and I will recount her trials, tribulations and explorations. That girl truly never has a dull moment in her life, so it will prove interesting (at least to me).

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