Monday, February 14, 2005

Why do men procrastinate?

Why do men wait until Valentine's Day to order flowers? It totally defies common sense, but many of them do it. I worked in a flower shop all day; making arrangements. You can't believe how many men came into the shop after 5pm looking for red roses for their wives and girlfriends. We ran out of red roses at 2 pm today, so anyone who had not placed an early order for red was out of luck (at least at our shop). It never fails that the later they come into the shop, the more money they are likely to have to spend. Guys - here's a hint for next year: order early and be sure to get what you want, with a lot less hassle at the last minute.

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David Parsons WV said...

We procrastinate because we hate to shop unless it is for a new car, sports equipment, camping gear, or a boat. We may seem selfish and inconsiderate at times, but we have no clue as to how a woman really feels inside. We guys admire women for putting up with us, going through the "merry menstrual mess", PMS, worry over breast cancer and ovarian cysts, etc. Women are a far stronger species than men. God bless you all!!!