Sunday, February 13, 2005

Belk's loss is K & S's gain

When the cafeteria at the Crabtree Valley Belk's closed, there were many disappointed people, and I was in that group. In fact, that cafeteria was just about the only reason I have even gone to Crabtree in years; it is the one place in the world where I feel claustrophobic.

But little by little, the old cafeteria staff has been appearing at the K&S behind Six Forks Station, and they are improving K&S a great deal. For about 5 years, the desserts at this K&S had tasted like paste (and had the same consistency). Tonight, as I went through the line, the pecan pie called my name. I noticed it looked different and decided to try it. Imagine my surprise when I bit into the first bite: crusty, toasted pecans on top and a wonderfully creamy, syrupy sweet inner filling! It was heavenly and an ample reward for the time spent on my feet arranging flowers for Valentine's Day. I recommend it!

I got word today that my blog has been accepted at blog of the day, and will be featured on March 23rd. They asked me to put a permanent link to their site on my blog - and I wish I could - but I don't know how to do it. I am so totally computer illiterate that I can't do much more than basic stuff. However, you can find them at:

and I hope you will check them out and see all the interesting blogs they have listed.

2 comments: said...

I try to avoid Crabtree Valley as much as I can, it is very crowded! But I am going to take Sparkle over there sometime soon and get her Glamour Shots done.

That pecan pie you ate sounds scrumdialicious!!!!

David Parsons of WV said...

Belks is an example of a money hungry store which doesn't care about Raleigh institutions like the Capitol Room. All they could see was space for consumer goods, not tradition or a good place to eat. I hope K&S can survive. Too many cafeterias are closing all over the nation. Malls are nothing but a nuisance anymore and a hang out for kids.
Hey, Judy, remember the cafeteria at the Diamond Department Store in Charleston?