Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Termite tunnels and worse.

Something I read over at WVSR prompts me to write about my discovery of termites. We had a dog who thought the dining room floor was her bathroom. For fifteen years, she peed in there, and we could not train her to do otherwise. The odor was horrible - and we never used the dining room at all. Then the dog died, and I pulled the carpet out and took it to the dump. We found termite holes and tunnels in 3 places, and the pest control company told us that we had the three best conditions for termites: we had moisture, darkness and wood, their only requirements.

After cleaning, replacing some wood, sanding and refinishing, we finally had a decent dining room again. Suddenly, entertaining loomed as a possibility; my excuse of 15 years had disappeared and I was ripe and ready for dinner parties and soirees. Too bad I don't have time to cook!

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David Parsons WV said...

You don't have to entertain now that your dining room is back to being a dining room. Also there is no law that says that the dining room can't be used for other things. Enjoy the room and don't let any dogs pee in there anymore!!