Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Poop Patrol?????

I was driving down the road today when a truck pulled along side at a stop light. The sign on the truck said "The Poop Patrol". I kid you not. The sign further mentioned that this company will contract to clean your yard of dog crap on a weekly basis. Can you believe that there are enough dog people with money enough to hire someone to police their yards every week? I can't believe it - but I do know a yard that needed the service badly!

Years ago there was a person in this area who was advertising her home as a rental site for weddings and parties. A bride who was getting married there hired me, and I went to the house to check it out. The woman was saying how they could have outdoor ceremonies and indoor receptions, and I was trying to walk through the yard to scope it out and about every 6 inches, there was a pile of dog poop. Now, I ask you, how many people would like to have an outdoor wedding in that mess? Not too many, because the house went off the rental market pretty quickly.

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NovemberChild said...

That is what they call the trucks that drive around and dump out the lavs on the aircraft.

"The Poop Patrol"

Hmm... Shitty job either way.. LOL