Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I hate when that happens.........

I am depressed, grouchy and downright mean today and my poor husband (have you noticed this is the second time I've referred to him in that way?) has borne the brunt of it. That's ONE thing husbands are good for! The weather is contributing to it; maybe I am developing "Seasonal Affective Disorder" and I just need a trip to the Caribbean to get me out of the doldrums. Too bad I can't do that every time I want to.

Business is slow this time of year - and that does not help the doldrums one bit. There are few weddings in January or February, except for those who think Valentine's Day would be the perfect anniversary. Unfortunately, it is not the best time to order wedding flowers - think of the competition! When wedding season revs up again, I will not have time to be depressed. Can't come too soon for me!

One thing that cheers me up is my book of funny names. It is "Even More Remarkable Names" by John Train. Some of his best examples are:

Aurora Borealis Belsky
Betty Burp
Buster Hymen
Cashmere Tango Obedience
Cistern Brothers
Easter Buggage
C. Matthews Dick
Constant Agony
Fairy Clutter

How do you think their mothers ever came up with those names? I would be ashamed to name my child something that will require explanation, spelling and/or laughter all the days of their lives, not to mention being made fun of in a book.

I once heard an actor on Johnny Carson talking about funny names and I wrote to him and sent him my list. His name was James Hampton, and he was most memorable for a commercial he did for the Egg Council. He answered my letter and told me that Rue McClanahan (Golden Girls) had a long list of very funny names and that I should write her. I never did, and now I have misplaced my list. Hope it turns up soon.

If you like funny names too, leave a comment and I will print some more.


kenju said...

Oh, crap, I didn't know the names would run together like that. Sorry. Next time I will type them all on a separate line.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

I made it!

You've been blogrolled!

I love funny names...here's some I know

Ira N. Maiden
I.C. Fingers
Al Catraz

Anonymous said...

The only ones that I really remember was a kid who graduated with me in high school and his siblings. His name was William William Williams. His younger brother was Bill William Williams and his sister was named Billie Willie Williams. His parents were very odd.