Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Odd, amusing and downright funny names.....

Before I start the list, let me say that if your name or that of a relative shows up here, I am hoping you will not take offense. Some names just strike me funny, and there is no need to get up-in-arms about it. Some of them have a peculiar rhythm, and that can be amusing. I always imagine these names being pronounced by Barney Fife, and that makes me laugh a whole lot!

Quessie Mae Knuckles
Positive Wasserman Johnson
Molester Jones
Cantwell F. Muckenfuss, III
Voncil Shindledecker
Cash Register
Fannie Cheeks
Mittie J. Pigg
Annie Flucker
Ophelia Rump
Bonnie Craps
Major Michangelo Boyd
John Fairey
Heiner Krapp
Charles Fagg
Arizona Feaster
Sioux Furmeister
Bisco Fairbetter
Sedona Shindledecker
S. Moochly Small
King Solomon Hurdle
Lunda Mungo
Golden Keys
Lemoine Morecock
Basil Smallpiece
Dillard Pickle
Brockenbrough Lamb
John Barf
Rose Hips
Theartrest Valentine
Mandy Pandy
Pensacola Moseley
Bernice Blow
Toppie Smellie
Herman Sherman Berman
Magdalena Babblejack
Carl Fillinger, DDS
Turley Curd (say that 3 x fast!)
Prister B. Tealie
Wendall Mendall
Groover Blitch
Woody Dicus
Zilpher Spittle
Eppley Veach Pridgen
Strong Boozer
Ozell Fluck

That's all for today, but I'll write more if anyone is interested.

6 comments: said...

Is it Turley Curd or Curley Turd?

I knew a lady named Ona Littlejohn.

Yes! We want more!

kenju said...

Brenda, it was really Turley Curd. I took that name out of a hospital register in VA, a long time ago.

Dave Hardy said...

As far as Positive Wasserman Johnson... my late father in law, Bill Avery (founded U of Md Dept Classical Languages) told me that when he taught in rural Louisiana just after WWII, he knew some docs in the Public Health Service. They provided services to a largely illiterate population, and when a mother wondered what to name her child, would helpfully suggest naming him after the famous doctor Positive Wasserman. Mr. Johnson is very likely a result of such medical assistance...

Shephard said...

OMG, this list is even better!
My faves... I laughed outloud at Lunda Mungo and Magdelena Babblejack!!

And oh how I wish I knew what the "F" stood for in Cantwell F. Muckenfuss, III. lol


Anonymous said...

I know Cantwell Muckenfuss III. He is one of the nicest people that I have ever met.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Cantwell F. Muckenfuss III, but I sang at a funeral and he was a pall bearer. I'm sure he is a wonderful man, but I don't know how long I'll live until I forget the name.