Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More of the same.....

In honor of Brenda, here are more names:

Bubie Gooch
Odessa Crumble
T. Fud Pucker Tucker
Zoda Viola Glontz Gazola
Magnetic Love (Could she be related to Brenda??)
London L. Bridge
Melissa Getzoff Daly (from wedding announcements)
Shannon Lay Offut
Early Byrd
Elda Berry
Anna Lovely Day
Rose Rose
Nigel Earthworm III
Carlotta Dick
Shiela Dikshit
My Cherie Bush
John Bigmeat
Robbie Gobble
Dick Holder
Lotta Dick
Truly Boring
Chandler Chandler (Mrs. Patrick Chandler)
Harry Cocks
Hutch Earp
Fecilous M. Blango
Ova Swiney
Stacy Macy

More tomorrow...........


David Parsons WV said...

Don't forget Nerk Turd of Reedy, WV.
Also Dawg Schitt of Bessemer, AL.

Shephard said...

lol... okay, my faves are Robbie Gobble and Fecilous M. Blango. Ova Swiney isn't bad either. lol


When I had my band, The Ian Bruce-Douglas Apocalypse, back in Boston, in the late '60s, my bass-player…who was, also, an electronics genius who, eventually, became a millionaire because of this…changed his name to Nigel Earthworm III. (The guy was, generally, pretty cool and possessed of a strange sense-of-humor!) I thought that it was a great name and, certainly, a helluva lot more interesting than his birth-name. So, I suspect that anyone who has used this name since must have been inspired by him, since I had never heard of that name before him.