Saturday, February 12, 2005

The aria is finished and so am I.

The fat lady sang her aria and the first load of leftovers has gone to Goodwill. I don't have the energy to haul another load now - so they will have to wait for the rest. It was fairly successful, but I think that if I divide the proceeds by the number of hours I worked to get ready for the sale it may work out to about 10 cents per hour! I am happy with the $$$ I netted and it was better than just giving it all to Goodwill, especially since you can only deduct $500 per year for donations to Goodwill.

Several people did comment on how neatly I organized everything. Maybe that is a new profession for me to consider: organizing garage sales for people. HA! There is not enough money in the prospect to make me start that! Plus, haggling gets on my nerves. When you price a $200 appliance at $20 and then someone offers you $10, it is a little insulting. Part of the problem was that the offer was made about 35 minutes into the sale and that is too early in the day to be considering cutting the prices by half. But I guess I cannot fault a person for trying. The squeaky wheel may get the grease after all!

1 comment: said...

Whenever I've had yard sales I just want the stuff gone so bad I'm trying to get people to TAKE it.

One of my goals in life is less possessions.