Friday, August 27, 2021

The Biggest Change in Our Lives

 The big change was delivered yesterday   -   a power wheelchair.  It seemed as though we would never get it; the plans were laid near the first of the year, and then we had one delay after another. First, the doc's office didn't sign certain documents, and then Medicare and/or Aetna declined to pay for certain aspects of it; such as a seat belt, a transportation package and arm rests Can you believe they would deny those 3 items?  I can't - it was ludicrous!!

Finally, we were able to get all the details worked out and a delivery date was set. Yesterday afternoon, it came, and we got a demo of how to use it and some final adjustments in the fit were made. Of course Jim had a hard time telling the guy what was and was not comfortable for him, so after a few days, we will undoubtedly need to call for another adjustment. I am not surprised!  

Here he is in the "tilt" position, with our granddaughter Jessica. He will certainly be more comfortable tilted back most of the time, as it removes pressure from the hips and legs. Wish us luck!

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