Thursday, June 17, 2021

There was a question on Facebook.....

On Facebook: One guy said about cell phones:

and I answered that I wear a "Dick Tracy watch/2-way radio" (the Apple watch) on my wrist. I often try to imagine how I might explain that to my parents and grandparents. They would surely think I am exaggerating. 

I remember my grandmother's first plane flight, when she was in her 80's (I think).  When we took her to the airport, she told me about hearing of the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk. Of course she got her info about it from the newspapers, as there was no TV in those days. She was very surprised to know that someone had been able to fly at the time, and even more surprised to find herself about to fly to Florida to visit family.  She loved it - being above the clouds was fantastical to her. She wanted to fly again, but I don't think she ever got the chance.

My mother was afraid to fly...and so my poor dad never got his fondest wish to fly to Australia. He wouldn't go without her. 

My first flight was to NJ when I was 18. I took a cab to Manhattan and gawked in wonder at all the tall buildings, just like all the other tourists. I enjoyed that flight and I still love being on a plane. There is nothing as good as seeing the countryside and cities from a great height. 

One of my best memories was of a flight returning home from Costa Rica. We were above the clouds at sunset and the  colors and view were spectacular. I tried to get a pic of it, but the window was dirty or something and it didn't turn out well. 

Anyway, have you every thought about how you might explain modern technology to people in your past family?

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