Friday, March 13, 2020

The New Scrabble GO

Since when did Scrabble start to be like a tinder date search?  

I have been playing the new Scrabble GO that was just released. They offer a chat possibility with those whom you are playing. I wish I could just turn chat off completely; as it is, I have to "mute" each individual person who texts me.

The game offers challengers the opportunity to play with many more people then I'm used to, and like a good citizen - I accept all challenges. However, I am beginning to rethink that, especially if the challenger is a man.

I am sensing a pattern.....the guy asks to start a game, I comply and after a few plays, he sends a text. The wording is similar in all of them....something like "Hey, pretty lady, I am enjoying this game with you. Where do you live?"  It's scary to be targeted (even though most of them will deny it.)  I was answering "Please do not text me again.", and their inevitable reply is "Why? I just want to get to know you better." 

If I didn't "mute" them immediately, as I have, I would answer this: 

I am not playing Scrabble to meet men or get to know anyone better. There are better places to do that, if I were so inclined (dating sites)  I can assure you I am not.  I simply love the game. 

The funny part is that one of two things happens.... They resign the game immediately, or they keep texting me, in the hopes I'll answer. Then I mute them. But I wish I could just decline all texts in advance - instead of having to do it with each person. 

Hey Scrabble GO.....any chance of that being added soon?  

To be fair, I'll add that only one woman has texted me and I declined her texts; after which she immediately resigned the game. So far, I estimate that I have had to mute about 30 guys. So, I'll say "give it up, least with me!"

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kenju said...

UPDATE: I changed my icon from a photo of me to a section of a painting. I have not had any guys hit on me since then! HA!