Thursday, January 31, 2019

Washing Dishes by Hand...

 is for the birds!!

And it is something I have seldom done since 1965, when we bought our first dishwasher. 

But last week, I had to buy a new kitchen faucet and during the installation, the plumber discovered that my disposal was leaking too. Until the new disposal is put in, I can't use my dishwasher. UGH!  

The plumber had one on his truck that he offered to us, but he wanted $400 for it (including installation) and we knew that was highway robbery!

We ordered one from Am*z*n at 1/4th the cost. It's here now, along with a connection kit, but as we also had a drip in a bathroom faucet, I wanted to wait until we got a new part for that faucet - so we could have everything done on one day. 

We have everything we need now, so I am hoping the plumber can come tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck!



Star said...

Wishing you luck ! ��. We just had some repairs to output garage door. The repair man noted we need a new door opener and tried to sell us one for $600. My husband had already purchased the exact same one for 1/4 the cost.

Words and Stuff said...

I clicked on this because of the title "Washing Dishes by Hand." I must say you are a lucky lady to have had a dishwasher all these years. I am 62, and I have yet to live in a house with a dishwasher!