Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Singing the same old tune....

Busy - Busy - Busy

Had you told me in 2014, prior to my open heart surgery that I would be busier five years later than I was when I still had my business.....I would have said you were crazy. 

But that was before I knew I would live in a Del Webb over 55+ community, where there is something to do 24-7. Every single day!

The new year has started off with a bang! New Year's Day, I went with a friend to see Mary, Queen of Scots. The next day, I had an appointment at UNC Dental School, to get (finally) the partial plate I had been fitted for in 2018. It fits perfectly! In fact, it fits so well that I was able to cancel the next appointment, which was set up to correct any problems I might be having with the appliance. I am happy to say it has caused me no trouble whatsoever. If you need dental work done, and you have a major university dental school nearby, I recommend that you go there for treatment. It will be much less costly, even though it may take longer for the treatment than you might hope. 

On the 5th, we saw "Christopher Robin", a very sweet movie, especially for children (and grandmothers.) On the 12th, we were treated to a performance by Carolina Preserve's own "Preservatives", five guys who love to play and sing 50's and 60 music. They are very good, and the group was so popular that there was standing room only - and no room for a dance floor. Last Saturday's movie was "A Quiet Passion", about  the life of Emily Dickinson. If you go see it, I suggest you be a life-long, passionate devotee of her and her poetry. It is long, slow and dare I say boring? I told my friends that it ought to be titled "A Cautionary Tale", as Emily was such a judgmental, angry woman that she drove everyone away from her, including possible suitors.

Sunday the 13th was a favorite day; we saw a documentary titled "Three Identical Strangers". I think it is on Netflix too.  It is about three boys, born triplets, who were  all adopted out to different families in the 60's. They learned of each other when one of the boys went to a college that his (unknown to him, brother,) had attended. As an adopted kid, I was very interested in seeing it. It was heart-warming to watch when the boys all got together for the first time (age 19, I think). They were so much alike, although they were each raised in different families; one affluent, one middle class and one in a lower socio-economic level. 

However, the most intriguing part was when they learned that they were separated at birth willingly, by the adoption agency, so that a psychologist could study the boys throughout life, to see if nature was more effective then nurture in determining their personalities. Neither the boys or their adoptive parents were happy to learn that!

Tuesdays are my regular Scrabble playing days, and once a month, we bring lunch and start 30 minutes early. On the 10th, I attended a class on Carmen, the opera, which will finish up tomorrow morning. 

On Friday, I will have lunch with a new friend, and we may see a movie too. 

Sunday, I will attend a concert by a group of singers, held in a church.Wednesday brings Jim's birthday, and an ice-cream tasting party. On the 25th, I and a friend will work the Scrabble table at the annual Club Expo, where our clubhouse shines a spotlight on all the clubs available to join here in our neighborhood. There are over 100 clubs here. Coming up is a treasure hunt, dinner out, and a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year, a theater performance and another party. 

I have also been doing physical therapy twice a week since early December. Whew! It makes me tired to read it. 


Mage said...

You are an utterly amazing woman.

kenju said...

Thank you, Mage. Just taking advantage of all the possibilities!!