Friday, November 23, 2018

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to All!

We had a gathering here yesterday, of our whole family - less a few out-of-towners, fifteen in all, adding a few boyfriends and a girlfriend.   We ordered food from The Fresh Market and it was pretty good. A few extras were made, such as my sausage dressing and someone brought mac and cheese. I also baked a 3 pound turkey breast, and had I not done so, we would have run out of turkey. Add hot rolls, 4 pies, pumpkin bread and cookies, we were well fed and sated!

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood; which is nice, of course. In years past, there always seemed to be one person who had the proverbial red a**, maybe two.

I look at my friend's photos of their lovely families and I am envious. When I try to take pics, I get met with hands over faces, or people who look away. One daughter told me that had she known I was going to want pics, she'd have dressed better and done her makeup. Never mind that she is always beautiful, made-up or not, and what she had on was perfectly acceptable. 

She says if I want a group photo at Christmas, I need to tell everyone ahead of time, and ask them to dress accordingly. Okay, consider yourselves told. At Christmas, I want to take a photo of everyone!!! And yes, I will post it here, as well as Instagram. 

We missed those who were not with us, and hope we will see them soon. I hope you and your families/friends had a great Thanksgiving!

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