Monday, November 26, 2018

A Busy Holiday

On Wednesday night, we had two old friends from out of town for dinner. I kept it simple, seeing as how I was hosting 15 for dinner on Thanksgiving - I served homemade soup and a salad and rolls, with pumpkin bread for dessert. We had a nice time; it is always good to see this couple, whom we have known since before they were a couple.  Sally and Sam are fun and interesting people!!

You can see yesterday's post about Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, we hosted 3 friends from "back home"; my high-school class president, David Hart, his wife, Wanda, and their sister-in-law, Nancy, widow of David's brother, Dick. Prior to Dick's passing, we had visited with them here, but David and Wanda had not been here before. Having them visit was on my "bucket list" and we finally made that happen!

My husband has always said the nicest people in the world come from WV, and his opinion only got stronger after meeting David and Wanda, and seeing Nancy again. We had a lovely visit, for which I baked an apple pie and served some pumpkin bread and cookies, with hot tea, their drink of choice.

As I get older, I enjoy entertaining more and more....I wish I could host all of you for pie or cake and tea or coffee!! All I forgot was to take a photo! I guess I was having too much fun!

Tomorrow morning, we start decorating the Governor's Mansion for Christmas. I'll be in my element, so to speak, having fun, I'm sure - but since this is the first time I have worked in two years, I will be exhausted!  I'll be back when I can.


Star said...

You are one busy lady ! I know you enjoy decorating the mansion, and I cannot wait to see pictures.

Loren said...

Sounds better than just sitting at the computer playing Scrabble, but don't overdo it.