Monday, October 15, 2018

I'm So Frustrated I Could Scream!

I went to my internist today, and she ordered some tests. So, on the way home, I got a notification that I had test results in Mychart. I tried to sign in on my phone, but I got an error message telling me to log out and sign in again.  Every single time I clicked on "log-out", I kept getting the same message. Over and over. 

Once I was home, I tried to sign in on my laptop. I get the same message, so I called the office and reported the problem. They gave me a number to call for customer service. 

After 45 minutes on the phone - during which I was advised to delete all the cookies on my laptop - I finally was allowed in to my Mychart account. 

THEN the trouble started. I forgot that deleting all cookies meant I couldn't get into my email. It took me another 20 minutes to convince Gmail that I had an account and access it.

Who knows what other computing joys I might encounter in the near future???

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Jeff said...

I feel your pain, Judy... My phone just died and while it was under warranty and I received a new phone, it’s a pain to have to recall all those passwords. Hope tomorrow is better!