Tuesday, April 03, 2018

No News, Good News and Bad News

No news?  refers to my new glasses. The store has not called yet to say they are ready and I am still having headaches (from wearing an old pair, I think.) I am really looking forward to the new ones, and if I still have headaches, I can blame it on the pollen that has appeared overnight everywhere.

Good News?   Moppet turns three this week, and while her living to this age (and still being in our home) was not promised, she has settled down a bit more than last year, so there is hope for the future.  I do have a rather nasty scratch on my arm from last week. I hope that will be the last one.

We had a nice family get-together on Easter. Daughter One had to work and two grandchildren were out of town, but the nine of us enjoyed our buffet. It was overpriced for what they had - but isn't that true of almost all buffets?

Bad News?  My good friend Nancy (93 years old on May 1st) had a brain aneurysm then angioplasty and remains in the ICU after 6 days. She came through the surgery okay, but her blood pressure is erratic and she is too weak to eat, so she has a feeding tube. That's not easy for anyone, but especially a 90+ year old! Please say a prayer for her recovery.

On Easter, I wore a new (never worn, but older) pair of "thigh high" hosiery.  The left one was fine, but the right one fell to my knee (or below) every time I walked to the buffet. Luckily, my dress was mid-calf, so I don't think anyone saw it hanging at half-mast, but what an annoyance!!  I hate panty-hose, but I don't think I will ever buy another pair of thigh highs; it is money down the drain!

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