Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Day so Busy that I was not on Facebook until 10:00 pm!

We had company for an early dinner today and I was so busy getting ready for them that I had no time to get on Facebook until after 10:00 pm - which is not the end of the world -  but surely late for me. 

Our guests are some we do not see often (unfortunately) and we always enjoy their company. I made lamb chops (rapidly becoming my favorite "company" meal); sauteed asparagus and gingered carrots. Two apple pies awaited - one to eat and one to take home.  Everything was delicious (according to Jim) and I say the dessert was to die for.  I meant to take a photo of the platter of chops, but as usual, I forgot. Too eager to dig in, I was.

One brought me a gorgeous orchid plant and the others brought 8 jars of home-made jam/jelly and 2 doz. fresh  eggs!! They are pretty too - shades of blue/green/tan. I am grateful for those gifts! 

I did not make our usual poached eggs for breakfast today, so I think I will do that tomorrow. It's no wonder I cannot seem to lose any weight. I have been cooking more over the last 5 months than I have in the past 5 years. My son is here often for dinner and I really enjoy feeding him! Unfortunately, I eat more as well. 

A visit to the doc this past week resulted in her cleaning wax out of my right ear; after which I could hear better, but now I also get terrible feedback from my hearing aid in that ear. I can't understand why. 

My doc said my lab results are nearly perfect; I am pleased to hear that and have no idea  It's not like I'm trying for the record. 

Daughter One called tonight; she has just returned from a 10 day cruise to the southern Caribbean, which she pronounced a good trip.  I am pleased for her that she got to go, as she works very long and hard hours as a cardiac nurse. Having three children in college, she works her butt off!! 

Speaking of that, we have several graduations to attend in May; two from college and one from high school. It is hard to believe that our grandchildren are old enough for that. I pray for good weather for the outdoor graduations. 

So... here I am at midnight, perusing Facebook and writing this post. It's a good thing I can sleep late tomorrow!!


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