Sunday, March 04, 2018

A Very Special Performance

A neighbor asked me to attend a charity event with her, and I am so glad I went. The performance was given by a number of people; both children and adults who are disabled in some way. It is conceived and directed by a man who lives across the street from me, and I am pleased to know someone who gives of himself so unselfishly with a group that no doubt requires infinite patience.

The TOCS program (the link takes you to a former show) promotes inclusion and community spirit. It is committed to building performance skills, discipline, responsibility and positive values through the creative arts. 

The program reads "Although this show is an outcome, the bigger picture is of people of all abilities working together in a truly welcoming environment, gaining self-esteem and building socialization skills."

This program was modeled after "Annie", the Broadway play and included the cast singing along with pre-recorded music from the show. Movie screens on the sidelines showed slides and video of the cast in rehearsal, I think.  The secondary theme was bullying; identifying it and finding ways to stop it. 

My friend and I enjoyed the performance and look forward to the next!

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